About Working in the HR Department: An Introduction to the Job

3 years ago

Human resources encompass a number of jobs that are connected to job applicant search, interviews, recruitment, placement, and everything concerning current employees of a company.

It’s a very wide specialty that also involves relations between the employees, as well as them and managers. Anything connected to payroll, sick leaves, maternity leaves, training, bonuses, etc. is also under the jurisdiction of the HR department.

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There are two main types of HR experts:

  • HR specialists.
    These people usually specialize in one branch of human resources affairs (recruiting, interviewing, training, etc.);
  • HR generalists.
    These people take up different parts of the HR job at the same time. They are more experienced and trained.

Daily Tasks of an HR Worker

Here are some common things the HR department is responsible for:

  • Looking for and using helpful tools like www.talenteria.com to search for applicants;
  • Provide consultations for employers as to what specialists their companies need;
  • Checking backgrounds, recommendation letter, etc. of current application;
  • Conduct interviews with candidates;
  • Talk to the applicants about their potential jobs, including benefits, bonuses, conditions, and responsibilities;
  • Do all the paperwork connected to hiring new people.

If we’re talking about an HR manager, which is a higher post that a regular HR worker, he or she also:

  • Fits employees’ skills and talents to the tasks they will perform the best;
  • Plans the workforce;
  • Controls the process of hiring new people;
  • Consults managers about the newest policies such as equal opportunities for all applicants, sexual harassment-connected rules, equal pay concerns, etc.;
  • Mediates inter-employee conflicts, as well as disputes between the management and the main workforce;
  • Coordinated disciplinary events.

As you can see, the responsibility is high, as the relationships in the team and its well-being are, for the most part, on the HR department’s shoulders.

Can I Get a Job in HR?

Sure, if you have the skills and educational background needed for the job. Here are some of the skills you need to have:

  • Communication;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Presentation;
  • Creativity;
  • Management;
  • Negotiation;
  • Linguistic;
  • Psychology;
  • Income and tax fluency, etc.

A lot of the skills overlap among different HR specialties, so the field of opportunities is vast. Think about the job that will suit you the best. It might be either a specialist or a generalist, executive recruiter or IT recruiting position, etc.

You can be in charge of the relationships between employees, their connection to the higher posts like managers, etc. The main focus may also be anything connected to the financial realm like payroll, bonuses and benefits, sick leaves, etc.

The best thing you can do to be successfully hired is to have a Bachelor’s degree in HR. You should be familiar with the software needed for the job, all skills you may need to develop, and all responsibilities you may need to take.

As an HR professional, you will have a previous insight into the processes of any company. You’ll be able to take up any job afterward.

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