Mobile Pixels DUEX Lite Review

2 years ago

The Mobile Pixels Duex Lite mobile monitor attaches to the back of your laptop, sliding out to put its 12.5-inch screen alongside your notebook’s for dual-display. However, it’s not a good fit for small laptops, and its frame comes unstuck too easily. Instead of a traditional stand, it’s designed to attach to the side of a laptop, improving productivity when working on the go. Its IPS panel delivers decent viewing angles, and it has amazing text clarity thanks to the high pixel density, but only when mounted on the right.

It has very good reflection handling, so glare shouldn’t be a big issue in most rooms, The brightness is just Perfect. Its best for Using as a Second Screen to show as an extended Screen to your client sitting on the opposite side.

Best Feature of about Mobile Pixel

  • Offers multiple display modes
  • Plug and Play
  • The attached design means no separate panel to carry
  • Rotation is Just so perfect and Smooth 110°  There is a lightweight frame that holds the screen itself. You can slide the screen out to have it facing you, so you have that extra space for another application, or you can have it facing out from the back of your laptop’s screen.
  • Can attach with Smartphone to play Games or Watch Movie
  • Comes in Grey or Black Colour
  • lightweight

Laptops are one of the most efficient gadgets that we have as we can easily carry them from one place to another, but sometimes the limited screen available for working can be annoying. The Mobile Pixels DUEX lite series can get rid of that annoyance quickly.

You can use Mobile Pixels DUEX lite with Windows operating system, iOS, Linux, Chrome, smartphone, Tablet, and Nintendo Switch. The compatibility with the Nintendo switch is highly enthralling.

Final Words:

Mobile Pixels DUEX lite Series is an outstanding gadget that you can use to increase the level of your virtual workspace, and you can use it for multitasking easily.

With Mobile Pixels DUEX lite series, you don’t have to keep switching the tabs that make this portable monitor an outstanding asset that you can invest in. If you are willing to loosen up your pocket a bit, then you should indeed buy the Mobile Pixels DUEX lite Series.

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