How To Use Dual Space Mode In MIUI 8 Redmi Phones

4 years ago

Hello, MI fans, Today in this tutorial I explained to you how to use dual space mode in your MIUI 8 redmi devices. Today lots of people using Xiaomi devices in normal life. All people need to buy best features smartphones in a medium price range, So Xiaomi is provided all of the best functions at a low price. Recently in your MI phones, you update MIUI 8 which is the latest version of Xiaomi.

Most people do not know about MIUI. In Xiaomi devices MIUI is a private operating system which is developed by Xiaomi, So in your MI device, you will get Android lollipop – marshmallow and MIUI both OS. This one reason why MI devices are gives best performance compare to Samsung and all of.

How To Use Dual Space Mode In MIUI 8 Redmi Phones

In the last update of MIUI, you will get MIUI 8 version in your mi phones. Xiaomi is lots of changes in the MIUI 8 update. After updating MIUI 8 , You will get lots of Themes, Two choice notification bars, Lots of different settings, Direct sharing feature in gallery, Video editing mode, Add stickers in your photos, App lock and Dual Space Mode or Second Space Mode. Update to the Latest Miui 9 Rom by Updater App

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Today my friend is told me – His phone storage, contact, and all of the data is erasing while he clicks on second space from settings, and when i explained to him about the feature of MIUI 8. So friends in this tutorial i explained to you the best feature of MIUI 8 which is Second Space mode.

Second space mode is not erased any data, It is created one similar space so don’t worry about any data and use this function in your MIUI 8 devices.

Second Space only Available in MIUI so if you are using other company android phones or Pure Android then Definitely the Option will not come Pre-installed but you can Add this Extra Feature in your Phone without Change any hardware or Format. Just Install Parallel Space from Google Play store and The Feature will come in your Phone. Just Open the parallel Space and enjoy the Features of Second Space on any android Phone

How To Enable Second Space Mode In MIUI 8

Step 1 : First open your mobile setting and click on Second Space

Step 2 : In the second space click on Turn On Second Space

Step 3: Now you will see that new Xiaomi device, Your wallpaper is changed, phone storage is totally free and all of your data is hide from your phone but don’t worry stay tuned here second-space-mode-in-mini-8.

How To Use Dual Space Mode In MIUI 8 Redmi Phones

Advantage Of Second Space

  • Another person not known your secret data
  • Second space is batter compare to child mode
  • If you give your phone to your friend with child mode than he will instantly say to you disable child mode
  • If you give your phone with second space than he will not any idea about your personal data
  • You can Use Two Whatsapp, Two Facebook and other Multiple Social Media Accounts Suppose one for your Business and another one for your personal account. There is No Ban of Account and any data touch within both Accounts

How To Manage Second Space

You can also protect your second space data with manage setting

Step 1: In the home page click on the Manage app and set a password with fingerprint, pattern, etc as your choice. It makes secure your account and nobody can access your Second Space data without you. It’s Very Important Step and We Recommend don’t use Same as phone pattern pass

Note: Not set the same password which you used in your main space

Example: If you are used the first finger in your normal space than in second space used other fingerprint

Step 2: After set password click on Next button

Step 3: Now you can import your Apps, Files, Photos, etc in your second space as your choice. Suppose you want to Make New Whatsapp then Select Whatsapp from Apps and Create Second Space of it. Launch it and log in with Different account to Enjoy

Step 4: You can also change your second space password, just again click on Manage and Make a new password

Step 5: You can also import and export your data in first space to second space as your choice just click on Move Data from home page

Now How To Back On Your Main First Space

Method 1

Step 1 : First in your home page click on Switch

Step 2 : Now enter your first space password which you used before second space

Now you are entered in your main or first space .

If you need to use second space than again click on Switch and enter your second space password and you entered in second space mode.

Method 2

Step 1 : If you need to first space than unlock your phone with first space password

Step 2 : If you need to used second space than unlock your phone with second space password

How To Delete Second Space

Step 1 : First click on manage

Step 2 : Now scroll down and click on Delete Second Space. It will Delete your Second Account From your phone and you will not Access and Recover so be careful when you are using this Option because there is no option to Recover it

Final Words

So MI fans if you used MIUI 8 in your Xiaomi android smartphone then must use this feature on your phone. This feature batter compares to child mode. So my suggestion is second space is the best feature of MIUI 8. Thanks for visiting and keep visiting for more tricks

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