Best Samsung Phones in the Market

4 years ago

Today we will be taking a look at the best Samsung phones you can buy on, so if you are looking for the best Samsung phone well according to me the best Samsung phone is the latest s20 ultra. But in this article, you will find the best 5 Samsung phones available in the market. So let’s jump into it

  1. Samsung Galaxy S 20 Ultra

We’ve certainly been impressed with what Samsung had to show off in its unpacked twenty20 event and the Galaxy S 20 Ultra is simply the best handset that the manufacturer has ever rolled out. It’s packed with power and functionality and has quite an incredible camera that can reach up to 100 times digital zoom. It’s one of the best Samsung phones in the market.

The 6.9-inch display is a gorgeous one and shows off everything from movies to photos with real punch add to the hefty amounts of RAM and internal storage space that you can get fitted here.

Galaxy S 20 ultra really catches the eye as well as costing a serious amount of money of course it’s the rear camera
that’s really the star of the show. A quad lens model with the main sensor that goes all the way up to 108 megapixels your photos won’t come out that size.

This year Samsung is going to launch its flagship phone Samsung Galaxy X2 July or August. To know more about Samsung Galaxy X2 Click here.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 comes with the s-pen accessory and that huge 6.8-inch screen and those high-speed internal specs and there is even a 5g version. If you really want to push the boat out it’s a monster of a phone. The phone simply loses quality when you hold it in your hand and this is a device that’s going to last you many a year.

If you’ve got the pockets or the bags to be able to cope with it up to 12 gigabytes of RAM and up to 1.5 terabytes of storage space with a micro SD card.

Its smartphone royalty and then some, of course, this doesn’t come cheap and not everyone wants such a huge screen or such a big dent in their finances if there’s a complaint about the phone too much to handle and it will probably overkill for everyday tasks like browsing social media or checking email.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S 20

The three flagship S 20 phones that Samsung has unveiled in 2020. We reckon the standard S 20 phone is a second-best of the bunch when you weigh up specs against price. The extras you get with the S 20 plus aren’t really worth the extra price for us though your opinion may vary.

If you’re after the smallest Samsung Galaxy S 20 phone this is the phone to go. Even though the screen is still a substantial 6.4 inches in size under the hood like the other S 20 models you’ve got. A very capable snapdragon 865 or XE nos 990 CPU depending on your region running the show ok. The phone’s main camera isn’t quite up to the level of the S 20 plus or the S 20 ultra.

But we don’t think you’re gonna notice too much and the Galaxy S 20 is still capable of taking some tremendous shots and recording an 8k video like the other models absolutely worth a spot in our best Samsung phone list.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus

we have the galaxy s 20 phones now of course but a year on the Samsung galaxy s 10 plus remains an attractive proposition. It offers stunning build quality a superb six-point four-inch display a high-capacity battery and a triple-lens rear camera that’s going to get you great shots every time.

The only reason you wouldn’t want to get the s 10 plus is if you don’t like large screens or if you want to splash out on the s20. Otherwise, this is definitely one of the best Samsung phones on the market in 2020 especially as prices start to drop in the wake of the s20 launch.

5.Samsung Galaxy S 20 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S 20 plus might be placing the lowest of the S 20 headsets on our list. But we’re still very much fans of the handset it’s just that the other phones offer up slightly better value in terms of what you get for how much you pay.

The main difference over the standard S20 is a bigger screen and an extra time of flight depth sensor and the rear camera for blur effects in and so on if you just take the galaxy S20 plus on its own without any context at all there is a lot to like it takes fantastic photos.

The screen and design look superb and you’ll struggle to find many better Android phones during the whole of 2020. The six-point seven-inch screen is a hefty one so make sure you really want to display this big before parting with your cash.

If you are thinking that the galaxy S20 plus is the best Samsung phone you’re unlikely to be disappointed for you considering the hardware packed inside and we’re wondering just how Samsung will top it in 2021.

But all those extra pixels mean high-quality photographs in just about every situation including low-light the best Samsung phone so the best Samsung phones are pretty much the most recent Samsung.

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