Free Online Converter: Microsoft Word to PDF With PDFBear

3 years ago

PDFBear is a web-based platform that offers free online file converters. It is one of the best and most efficient tools for converting any Microsoft document format to a Portable Document Format. Here are how PDFBear’s online tools work and this platform’s advantages.`

MS Word Document to PDF Converter

One of the best things about PDFBear is that it offers a free Word to PDF converter tool. It means that you can convert any Microsoft Word document to a Portable Document Format. Plus, all of PDFBear’s services are entirely free. This platform offers the best conversion results for your PDFs, ensuring that the generated outputs will be at their highest possible quality.

PDFBear’s ‘Word to PDF’ online tool makes everything possible. This converter helps both students and teachers in their online classes when printing and sending PDFs. Converting MS Word documents into a PDF format also plays a significant part in business as storing extensive data into a single file will be more accessible and straightforward.

MS PowerPoint Document to PDF Converter

Another excellent converter that PDFBear offers for free is its ‘PPT to PDF’ online tool. It lets you turn your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation into a PDF document. A Portable Document Format is more accessible and efficient than a PPT file. It is because the formatting and layout of your PPT slideshow might be affected when you send or share it.

There are other important reasons why you should convert PPT to PDF:

  1. If you want to print a slide in your MS PPT presentation, it is so much better to convert it to PDF first before printing to avoid any trouble. The Portable Document Format is the most recommended file type for printing, especially if there are images attached.
  2. A PPT file is not highly accessible and compatible with some devices, while PDF is well-known for its universal compatibility. You can always open a PDF file on almost all platforms and devices, but not an MS PowerPoint presentation.
  3. PDF is the most secure format for every transaction you need. If you want to send a file but at the same time you do not want someone to change anything to it, PDF format is the best for you. You can even lock it with a password.

MS Excel Document to PDF Converter

Last but not least, PDFBear’s ‘Excel to PDF’ converter. This online tool helps you to convert a Microsoft Excel document to PDF without any hassle. Sometimes, you want to share your worksheets with someone. A Portable Document Format is the best file type because your file will be sent in a read-only layout.

If you want to share or print Excel documents, you might want to consider converting them first into PDFs. A Portable Document Format is the best format for almost every transaction you will do because it is universally compatible and accessible.

How to Convert Any MS Document Format to PDF Using PDFBear?

  • Step 1. Connect your laptop or Android smartphone to a stable internet connection. Then, go to your device’s web browser and search for PDFBear’s official website. Choose the first link on the results to redirect to the platform’s home page. Once you are there, find and select the online file converter you want to use, like the ‘Word to PDF,’ ‘Excel to PDF,’ and ‘PPT to PDF’ tools.
  • Step 2. Upload your documents to PDFBear’s cloud servers. Modify your file by clicking on the options available. After modifying, click the ‘Convert!’ button and wait for the process to finish.
  • Step 3. Download the PDF document and save it to your device by clicking the generated link. You can also share it via email, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

What Are the Advantages of Using PDFBear’s Online File Converters?

PDFBear has a lot of advantages to boast. It is highly compatible with any Android device and any computer running the Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems. This platform also offers free services with high-end security features. It ensures to delete your shared data from the moment you upload to the time of downloading.

PDFBear also has the most straightforward interface for file conversion. It is so easy that even beginners can confidently do it on the first try. And finally, this platform provides the best conversion results. You do not need to worry about your PDF’s resolution as it will be as high-quality as the original one.


Without a doubt, PDFBear is the best online file converter right now. This platform offers all these satisfying features for free. So, if you are looking for a partner that helps you every time you need to convert a Microsoft document, PDFBear is here for you.

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