Best Budgeting Tools That Can Help You Save Money

3 years ago

It is highly crucial and a wise thing to keep a close eye on your financial statements, No matter if you are a business or an individual, you should always maintain a log of your expenses and income so that you can be aware of how much you are saving and how much you are spending.

In the current age, it has become quite easy to maintain and create a comprehensive monthly budget for yourself by the use of different Android and iOS apps where you only have to input a few things and you can obtain the information or the amount you are left with by the end of the month. You can use cash app to manage your money. These apps are so smart that they can even let you know if you are spending too much.

Let’s have a look at a few apps that can make life easier for you:


This is a cloud-based tool that is very accessible and connects with your bank accounts, loan and credit cards, investment accounts and gives you a better picture of your finances including your net worth. It comes with some amazing features that you might not be able to find in other apps. One of the features allows you to create budgets and get notifications when your account gets a little short on cash. The only thing that you might not be able to do is to pay your bills using the app but you can set a due date whenever you have to pay the bill and avoid late payment fees. Also, you can run the “What-if” scenario to forecast your money and balances.

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This is an online banking and budgeting application that provides you with financial assistance and helps you with budgeting so you can improve your savings. If you want to use the app, there is a small amount that you need to pay, but this will help you use a lot of features and tools that will give you complete control on your money matters. Overall speaking, Empower is a personal financial app that provides you with almost the same functions that other applications provide; it basically gives you a complete overview of whatever happens in your accounts. You can use the app’s spend tracking feature that sends you helpful alerts and keeps your spending to a minimum. You can set weekly and monthly spending limits so you manage your money in better and get notified when you are spending too much.

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This is one of the paid budgeting tools that lets you input transactions and other information for about $10.00/year or downloads your transactions automatically as it connects with your bank and credit cards. If you are using Quicken and Mint, you can import data so that you can have your historical information. The app offers customizable income and spending categories, perform balance, show uncleared transactions and sets up recurring transactions. You can also include widgets with a quick overview of your financial activities. The app is also ideal for small businesses as it also with system-generated invoices feature.

Budget Tracker

This is a free budgeting tool.  It might seem to be a little old-school but it can help you schedule your income and expenses. One of the goals of the app is that you have a debt-free life. It includes different interesting calculators that you can play around with and set financial goals. The app is also very interesting if you want to help yourself and your kids learn the art of budgeting and saving. Also, you can give them their own section of the budget so they can learn to manage their budgets and accounts. You can show your kids and your family to add up expenses to the budget so they are mindful when they are spending money.

You can also get updates on financial news and other aspects of money using spectrum silver channels. These updates are very important if you want to want to know the cost of living and other aspects of life as well.

Start Saving

Using these apps, you cannot only keep a close eye on your expenses, but you can cultivate a habit of saving money as well. You can optimize your budgeting process and cut down on unnecessary expenses.

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