An average annual salary of CISSP certified professional

4 years ago

The important segments to the field of Cyber Security are the CISSP which is high in demand and all throughout the different industries they are actively protecting the data and the information system. The threats that they are accusing could compromise the important operational data, IT infrastructure, and sensitive data of the client as well.

Before we dive much into the annual salary of the CISSP certification, let us first understand what actually CISSP is and what do these professionals do. The CISSP (certified information system security professional) is one of the important credentials that are made available for the information security professionals to validate their skills and their competency in cybersecurity lookout.

Successful information security programs can be highly integrated into every segment of the environment and therefore the integration majorly requires the statement of work, responsibilities within the environment, and many more things. The CISSP certified professionals can help to reinforce the entire cutting edge solution by shielding the data from unapproved access and can help to investigate the security threats.

The demand for CISSP Professionals

The demand for CISSP certified professionals is high and is booming all across the globe and the organizations are in constant fear of cybersecurity breaches and threats. As per the reports, the annual cybersecurity ventures predicts that the cybercrime will cost about $6 trillion in the year 2021, which is double that of 2015.

There are numerous reasons to opt for CISSP certification which has not only a long-standing tradition which can span for about 20 years. Instead, this certification has also some industry equipped standards which has globally accepted the entire global recognition to reform the learning ways to enhance productivity.

Salaries of CISSP professionals in different countries

As per the reports of 2019, the CISSP security certified IT professionals have earned 9% more than the non-certified professionals in North America. If we talk about the other regions, the same applies to the Asia Pacific region where more than 6% has been earned and in Europe about 8% more than the noncertified professionals, and in Latin America, the increment was 12% than ever.

Moreover, it has been seen that the CISSP certified IT professionals can earn an average salary of $116,573 which makes this job as the third-highest paid job or can say the salary all across the globe to the professionals. This vast increment in the salaries can lead to the betterment and increase in demand of the CISSP certified professionals which can make your organization even far better than ever.

Reasons to enroll in CISSP certification

One of the best ways to prepare for the CISSP certification exam is by registering yourself on the website for course enrollment. There are various reasons why IT professionals mainly the cybersecurity industry should have to enroll for CISSP certification, let us check them below:

Become CISSP Certified

  • The formal CISSP training helps to provide comprehensive knowledge on the latest tech and trends, practice, regulation, and standards that are well organized in different formats.
  • The CISSP course from a reputed institute can help you to provide a valuable career resource that will include the important knowledge and experience topics from peers to peers to make your learning process enhanced and vulnerable.
  • The CISSP certification validates the entire skills and competence in the IT security industry which can increase your learning credibility and thus allows the candidates to get a better-secured job and high salary across all industries.


CISSP certification is one of the first security certifications which can help to meet the stringent standards and hence there is no surprise that CISSP certified professionals is majorly the most trusted professionals than the entire hierarchy of IT professional. Even the most experienced CISSP certified professionals can be openly seen as the best expert standard that can break the valuable segments and can protect the important information of the organization.

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