BBA LLB and BA LLB are Different and Which Course is Better

4 years ago

The field of law has been becoming popular by each passing year. Over the last few years, a larger number of students have been competing to get through to one of the best law colleges in India. Many courses are offered in these fields and these days, the most sought-after ones are BA LLB, which stands for Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law and BBA LLB, which stands for Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Law). Students get confused between these two integrated law programs and can’t decide as to which is the better choice. In fact, these two courses are quite closely related, but there are differences in terms of the subjects they focus on and the career opportunities offered.


This is a five-year degree program, which is an integration with both humanities and law. If you have successfully completed your 10+2, then you can join this course. For getting admissions, you need to pass an entrance exam. There are many colleges and universities in the country which provide this program. The course includes both humanities and law subjects. It also includes training sessions, internships, and research projects in the final year. The training consists of various practical sessions like court attendance.

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Talking of career opportunities, these students can get many types of jobs these days – both in public and private sectors. Mostly, these graduates practice law after they complete this course and become an advocate. However, there are also many opportunities available in the Central and State Government organizations.


This is also a five-year program, which is an amalgamation of management, business subjects, and law. This degree program was introduced in 2004 and a huge number of students have been attracted to this course off late. You can join this course after completing your secondary education. The BBA LLB course is offered by many institutions in India. There are ample career opportunities after completing this program. As this course incorporates management studies also, students have the option of working with many business firms and the corporate sector.

Main Difference between BA LLB and BBA LLB Programs

The key difference between these courses is that BA LLB mainly addresses arts or humanities subjects along with law. Whereas, BBA LLB focuses on management and business subjects along with regulation. But the professional opportunities that both these programs offer are the same. The graduates of both these programs can work as a legal consultant, attorney, legislation reporter, legal associate, etc. depending on their skills, knowledge, and experience.

BBA LLB(H) includes the study of subjects like:

  • Business Environment & Ethical Practices
  • Human Source Management
  • Strategic Management

BA LLB (H) requires subjects like:

  • History
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Political Science

Which Course is Better out of these?

If you wish to practice law, then BA LLB is a good choice. After this program, you can specialize in many fields such as accounting, taxation, etc. The professional courses such as CA, CS, ICWAI are intended for these specializations. But if you want to work with functions like management or business, then BBA LLB will be more beneficial. These graduates mainly choose to work for fields like corporate law, mergers, and acquisitions, etc.

Top Colleges in India for Pursuing these Courses

Some of the best law colleges in India where you can pursue BA LLB:

  • Veltech University, Chennai
  • Amity University, Jaipur
  • BML Munjal University, Gurgaon
  • Jaipur National University – JNU, Jaipur
  • CT University (CTU), Ludhiana
  • National Law School Of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore
  • National Law University (NLU), Delhi
  • Symbiosis Law School (SLS), Noida

Following are some of India’s top colleges, universities, or institutes for pursuing BBA LLB:

  • International School of Business and Research – ISBR Bangalore
  • BML Munjal University, Gurgaon
  • Adamas University, Kolkata
  • National Law University, Jodhpur
  • Brainware University (BU), Kolkata
  • Maharishi University of Information Technology (MUIT), Noida
  • Gujarat National Law University (GNLU), Gandhinagar
  • P. Jindal Global University – JGU, Sonepat
  • Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), Kochi

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B.A. LL.B and B.B.A LL.B Career Prospects

The career options for both these courses are similar and differ only if students wish to explore some other fields like management or humanities. Some popular job opportunities offered to graduates of these integrated law courses are:

  • Advocate
  • Lawyer
  • Public Prosecutor
  • Judge
  • Legal Advisor
  • Assistant Advisor
  • Magistrate
  • Company Secretary
  • Attorney General
  • Notary
  • Law Reporter
  • Solicitor
  • District Judge
  • Lecturer
  • Sessions Judge

Law is becoming an immensely popular field among the youngsters of the country. With new and more advanced programs being offered frequently, it is imperative for you to see where you fit the best. Your correct choice of a program will help in finding your path to a successful career ahead.

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