Worst Sleeping Posture Just Avoid

4 years ago

Even though I slept for 7 or 8 hours, as usual, I have a very tiring day. It’s not overeating and not sleeping, not drinking and sleeping, and not working badly. The same was true this morning. I didn’t know why, but I was frustrated, but in a word my wife threw it, I could see why.

You fell asleep yesterday? Did you have a nightmare?

The quality of sleep is also closely related to your sleeping position. It is important to sleep in the right posture for healthy sleep and quality sleep. But surprisingly, many people think that sleeping posture cannot be corrected. I believe that I can’t control myself because I move unconsciously after falling asleep. However, according to sleep scientists, sleeping posture is a part that can be corrected by conscious efforts. You can start sleeping in the right posture before going to sleep and improve your sleeping posture if you intentionally think while sleeping.

Worst Sleeping Posture Just Avoid

Two sleep postures to avoid 

Sleep Position to Avoid 1

-Get down on your face 

Personally, sleep satisfaction on the day I fell asleep was the worst. On a day when I dreamed of being chased by a villain or a ghost, my head was stuck on a pillow. The sleeping position is not the worst thing that sleep scientists say.

First of all, when you sleep on your face, your face is pressed against the pillow. Naturally, it is difficult to breathe smoothly. Eye pressure is increased because the eye is pressed. Studies have shown that an increase in intraocular pressure increases the likelihood of glaucoma. Also, as you sleep on your neck at an angle, your neck’s balance will collapse. The muscles around the neck and the trapezius muscles around the shoulders become stiff and interfere with blood circulation. In addition, the spine bones need to draw an S-shaped bend, but it is difficult to make this shape when you sleep on your stomach. So after sleeping on my stomach, my waist is often sore.

Worst Sleeping Posture Just Avoid

Of course, there is a story that it is helpful for people with severe snoring and sleep apnea. However, most people, except these people, should consciously lie down and avoid sleeping.

Sleep Position to Avoid 2 


When you see the babies sleeping, they often sleep. As if you are in your mother’s womb, sleep with your arms folded and curled. In fact, the capital people will relate to this, but it is natural and comfortable in its own way. Considering my case, it seems that when I was sleeping like this, I felt something cozy.

However, this sleep attitude has two problems. The first is waist health. When you sleep crouched, your waist becomes C-shaped. The spine and its surrounding muscles come together as you turn to sleep. The day after sleeping like this, my back is always getting cold. The second is arm health.

Worst Sleeping Posture Just Avoid

When you sleep on one side, of course, one arm is on top and the other is pressed. It is difficult for blood circulation to work properly because it is held down for four or five hours. In severe cases, the nerves of the arm are pressed, causing numbness or numbness. In addition to the arm, it can also lead to degeneration of the shoulder joint. Sleep When you are aware of the fact that “I am sleeping because I am crouching,” it is a good idea to fix it in the right posture.

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Recommended sleeping position 1

-Look at the ceiling and sleep

The best sleeping position that sleep scientists choose is to lie down and sleep on the ceiling. The head, neck and waist lined up in this sleeping position is so simple, but there are not many people who actually sleep in this position. When most people start to sleep, they sleep like this, but they change their sleeping posture in a prone or crouched position.

Worst Sleeping Posture Just Avoid


Look at the ceiling and think of a lying down position. First, my chest is stretched and my body weight is not focused on a specific place. It is evenly distributed. In addition, the spine is placed in an S-shape. The spine has an S-shape, meaning that the lumbar discs are not under pressure as when standing. In the spine position, the most unobtrusive posture is this position lying on your back. Also, your face won’t be pressed against the pillow, like when you are lying down or crouching. Compared to the two sleeping postures mentioned earlier, it is skin-friendly and wrinkle-friendly.

Of course, this posture is not the best for everyone. People with low back pain may not be able to face the ceiling and lie down on their own. In this case, you can put your pillow under your knees, raise your legs, and sleep a little more comfortable.

We discussed two sleep postures to avoid and one recommended sleep posture. Perhaps there is no right posture that is consistently applied to everyone. Just like the shape of the body varies from person to person, the sleep posture will also be slightly different for each individual. However, there may be an incorrect answer without a correct answer. As you mentioned above, you get down on your stomach and crouched down.

Worst Sleeping Posture Just Avoid

If you can’t find the best, avoiding the worst may be the solution


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