Top Trends in ID Card Accessories You Can Follow

3 years ago

An ID card is something that you have to carry all the time. Wherever you go, you have to wear it or keep it in your pocket or bag. Since it is exposed to regular wear and tear, keeping it protected with the right ID card accessories is a smart move. A good quality badge holder and accessory will preserve your ID card and ensure its longevity.

Here you will know the top trends in ID card accessories you can follow.

Using Grippers to Attach a Lanyard

Many people like attaching their ID card to a lanyard. To do that, they punch a hole in their card. However, this practice weakens and damages the credential. If yours is a smart card or a digital card, punching a hole in it may render it useless. To solve this problem, you can buy grippers that can latch into your ID card without punching a hole in it, after which you can attach a lanyard to it.

You can buy a gripper in varying thicknesses and different materials like silicon, metal, and plastic. Available in the form of a clamp, it can be customized as per your liking. Some people prefer wearing it around their neck, while others wrap it around the wrist or put it in the pocket.

Sliding Card Into Belt Using Retractors

Retractor is another popular ID card accessory that can slide onto your belt and retrieve your ID card. It is a suitable accessory for those who need to keep their ID badge always visible. They are convenient to use and keep the wearer’s hands-free. Some retractors also have a locking mechanism, which you can use to lock the amount of cord you want to expose.

Covering the Card with Sleeves

Sleeves are popular ID card accessories that you can use to slip your ID card in and out of the holder. When you need to present your ID quickly, a card sleeve can save you from fumbling with your wallet. It also keeps your card encased, thereby ensuring its protection from dust and scratches.

Available for different types of cards like ID card, passport, credit card, cabin card, parking pass, and luggage tag, they are available in a variety of dimensions and colors. Some of them are attached with an armband, while others have a pen loop that can keep a pen handy along with your ID card.

Keeping Card in Access Using Badge Reels

Badge reels are cases with retractable cords. These cords connect to the badge holder and are usually available in round and square shapes. Available in different sizes, some of them also have belt clips, close-end pins, or spring clips for attaching the reel to your clothes. A few inches long cord has a spring mechanism attached to the casing, which allows retraction of the cord when you pull it.

Commonly used in schools, colleges, and offices, you can swipe your ID badge by pulling the retractable cord and putting it back in place. You may also use these reels to attach small items like tools and keys. Available in varying sizes, colors, and shapes, badge reels are durable and last long.

Attaching Card to Clothes With Strap Clips

Strap clips are made up of vinyl, and you can use them to hold up your ID card in your favorite position. Suitable for any ID card, pass, or ticket, you can easily fasten onto your collar, lapel, pocket, or any other loose part of your clothing. It keeps your credentials visible and handy while working in a busy environment.

Easy Swiping with Half Sleeves

Instead of keeping the entire card covered, a half sleeve covers it only halfway. If you use CaC or PIV cards, this type of badge holder would be suitable. Ideal for smart cards, these sleeves can hold a standard-sized ID card conveniently. Available in horizontal and vertical layouts, these cardholders securely grip the top part of your card and keep the rest area exposed. With this design, you can quickly swipe the card through a terminal without removing it from the case.

Exposing Card with Open-Faced Card Holder

Open-faced card holders can hold two ID cards at a time. You can flip over the holder to show whichever card is required. Available in both vertical and horizontal layouts, they help keep your cards in place while preventing snapping and bending.

Since ID cards are integral parts of all students’ and workers’ lives, it’s advisable to use a good quality badge holder to keep the card protected and easy access. Use the trends mentioned above to obtain that purpose.

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