Top 5 Lelo Anniversary Sale Sex Equipment Deals: Vibrators, Lube, Condoms

7 months ago

If you are browsing In our guide to the best sex toys, you’ll find a few products from Lelo, but let’s be honest, they can be quite pricey. That’s why the Lelo 20th Anniversary Sale caught my attention. Not ton Huge discounts, but there are some great items, including some of our favorites, and some of the always in-demand intimate accessories that every bedroom should have.

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Lelo Sona 2 Cruise

Photo: LELO

Sona 2 Cruise is a classic suction cup toy. It feels solid and comfortable in the hand, the buttons are easily accessible, and it can produce surprisingly powerful suction. The “cruise” in the name refers to one of my favorite features: it can increase or decrease the intensity of the intake air pulses depending on how hard you press the toy against your body, so your natural body language can communicate with you. a toy that it’s time to speed up or cool down everything without pressing a single button. Sona Lelo 2 (no Cruz) also on saleand it’s a great choice if you want to keep only manual control.

Lelo Dot is an accurate vibrator and it’s an interesting feature. Unlike vibrators you may have seen before, Dot narrows down to an ultra-thin, flexible silicone dot for the most targeted stimulation you can get from a toy. The tip of the toy can deliver surprisingly soft or intense vibrations depending on your tastes, and it’s a great toy to experiment with, no matter what your genitals are.

No bedroom is complete without lube and cleaning spray. The Lelo offerings here are properly sleek and stylishly designed, but they also work very well. The water-based lube is safe for any toy, any body and any erogenous zone, while the cleaning spray makes it easy to clean toys. (We recommend keeping the spray in the bathroom so you can just spray and rinse your toys and you’re good to go.)

Lelo Force Cruz

Lelo Force Cruz

Photo: Amazon

Sila Cruise by Lelo is an adorable little suction cup toy. In the shape of a snail, it has a soft silicone mouth that fits just about any small erogenous zone just fine. Like Sona 2 Cruise, Sila Cruise has the ability to automatically increase or decrease suction power depending on how hard you press the toy against your body, making it easy and completely unnoticeable to spend some time alone with yourself.

If you use condoms, chances are you have used some of them. bad condoms in the past. These are some of our favorite premium condoms and are here to change your mind about the old fashioned latex prophylaxis. Lelo’s Hex condoms don’t have the nasty rubber smell that other condoms have, and their texture provides an amazing tactile feel. Plus small wraps super easy to open. They are also great for use with toys! Using a condom with a toy is one way to make cleaning even faster and easier, and to keep it clean and lubricated.

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