Top 5 Best Tools to Extract Editable Text from an image


Top 5 Best Tools to Extract Editable Text from an image

Most of the online tools are used to extract the editable text from an image by using the “OCR” technology.

This technology reads character or textual details written in an image and converts it into useful words.

In this article, we’re going to describe the top 5 best tools to extract editable text from an image.

First, you need to know how this technology works to recognize the text from any picture and here we go:

How does the latest OCR Technology work?

The computer system detects the complete photo to scan the text.

The latest OCR technology analyzes the text printed on the photo to convert it into a form that a computer system can easily process.

This technology converts the text through the mentioned below methods:

  • Pattern Recognition: The technology recognizes the character and then matches it with each character stored in the database.

Every letter will be recognized separately and then converted into a useful word file.

  • Intelligent Character Finding: This method includes a machine learning process.

Here, it decodes only a single character at one time to proceed further.

  • Feature Detection: If the pattern recognition method is failed to scan the text, feature detection will be executed to recognize the text.

This method detects every component of the text from the image and here you don’t need the entire database to apply designs.

The latest OCR technology can be used widely in any field of business to extract the editable text from the picture.

5 Best Tools to Extract Editable Text from an Image


This excellent online tool is used to extract the text from the image.

The tool converts the image to text by using the OCR technology to converts photos into useful words.

Simply upload the photo into the editor to extract text as:

This image to text converter provides to upload an picture form a URL by pasting the Url into the input box:

This picture to text converter extracts text from a different format such as PNG, JPG, BMP, and more.

Features of this online Tool

  • Finds Text from Low-Quality Images: Many times the photos might be blur or due to bad camera quality.

The tool is used to extract text from low-resolution photos within a single click.

  • Supports Multiple Languages: The tool supports multiple languages to convert images from word to jpeg.
  • Secure: This free online OCR tool is trustworthy and 100% safe to use.
  • Download Text File: After fetching the text from the photo, the final report will be generated.

You can easily download that report into the computer system through a single click.

  • Accessibility: The file can be easily accessible from any device. The tool is updated regularly to provide the audience with an excellent user experience.

2.     ImageToTxt

This online converter is used to find the editable text in the picture.

This online tool allows you to upload photos from the following formats:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • GIF
  • PDF
  • And more

Simply click on the “Select Images” button to upload a file from the computer system:

After uploading the image, press the “Convert” button to extract the text.


  • Other Languages: The text can be extracted into different languages
  • OCR: This online converter tool uses the latest optical character recognition technology to find text.
  • No Registration: There is no registration required to use this online tool.
  • Pdf to text: The tool converts pdf into a text file by using the latest technology.
  • Downloading the File: The tool also allows you to download the result file in the personal storage.

3.    i2OCR

This up-to-date online converter uses the OCR method to recognize the extractable text from an image.

You can convert the image into an editable and storable document by using the i2OCR online tool.

To convert the photo into the text form, follow the mentioned below steps:

  1. Select Language: First, select the desired language to convert the text from:
  2. Upload File: After selecting the language, upload a file from your computer system.

You can upload the image from the computer system as:

You also have the option to upload a file through a URL:

  1. Captcha: Select the checkbox and confirm that you are not a robot.

Then, press the “Extract Button” to extract the text from any photo.

Also, the latest version of the tool allows you to convert the PDF files into text form.

4.    Convertio

Convertio uses OCR technology to scan the document to convert the image or pdf file into the text form.

To start scanning, first, choose the file from the computer system.

This online tool supports PDF, JPG, PGM, and another format to scan files and extracts the readable text.

There is an amazing option to used additional languages in your document as:

You can also set the output format of the scanned file as:

You can download the result file into the personal storage within a single click.

This converter tool also allows you to save the file directly to your Dropbox or Google Drive for quick access.

The tool is completely secure and 100% safe to use.

A chrome extension of this amazing tool is also available for students, teachers, webmasters, and SEO experts for quick access.

The tool is completely free and is easily accessible on any device.

5.    PDFConverter

The PDFConverter is also one of the finest images text converter tool used to extract the editable text from the photo.

If you want to quickly turn the picture into text, simply upload the picture into the converter as:

The tool will automatically start converting the photo or file onto the text form.

After conversion, download the file and save it to your personal computer.

Here, you have the option to upload the file into your Dropbox or Google Drive.

This online tool is compatible with any device whether you have a smartphone or you have a laptop or personal computer.

This online tool is fully secured and free to use.

Wrapping Up

If you quickly want to extract the text from a picture, use one of the mentioned above online tools for better results.

You can also use image to text converter to extract the editable text from an image which uses the latest OCR technology.

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