The Rise of Digital Signage How it Can Help your Business ?

4 years ago

As we work towards united growth and development, technology holds our hand through the process. Try to remember the last time you got through a day without interacting with at least one form of technology. 

The most common way we interact with the digital world is through our phones; then we have the tabs, iPads, laptops, desktop computers, televisions, multiple types of gaming consoles, so on and so forth, the list is endless. 

When we look around us, all we see are varying technological platforms, with varying forms of digital media. So as marketers and business people do, we grabbed yet another opportunity to leave our brand impact on the world. We created the concept of Digital Signage Media (DSM). 

If you’re wondering what Digital Signage Media is, you’re in the right place. Digital Signage Media is a new platform for communication, that is being used majorly for marketing. 

Here’s an example – you’re walking through the airport, you turn to see a huge screen, with a Burberry ad, that absolutely captivates you. You walk into the nearest duty-free Burberry store and try one of their new scents, and you’re sold. 

This entire process, that ended with you buying an expensive perfume that you did not originally plan to own, was started by a Digital Signage Media advertisement. 

The Rise of Digital Signage How it Can Help your Business ?

When it comes to technicalities however, that process began a long while back. When Dior contacted an agency that specialises in, or works with DSM, and has a fully functional Digital Signage Network (DSN). This agency then worked in tandem with Dior, helped them decide their target audience, the best locations for their ad placement, the time, and the number of times their ad would be displayed, and lastly, the impact it would have. Curiosity would cause us to wonder why we need yet another platform for marketing and advertising.

To help you understand that, the information in this blog will explain why DSN is the best way to market your brand. We aim to tell you why this is the best way for you to be someone’s unnecessary buy of the day. 

The Benefits of Digital Signage Network (DSN)

There are 6 major benefits to using DSN as one among your many marketing platforms. These advantages are detailed below: 

Higher Impact Experiences and Branding: 

Ever since the advent of visual media, it has been clear that nothing has higher impact, or holds more attention than that. Visual stimulus is instinctively more captivating for humans. 

The first thing we notice around ourselves is what we can visually absorb and register. 

Using this instinctive habit of people as a marketing strategy is no less than genius. As a company, your first and foremost aim is to bring your brand to notice. What better way than a creative advertisement that is made readily available in the surroundings of your audience. 

Visual media also creates an interactive experience for the audience. This gives you an opportunity to place offers, discounts, and other attractive features and drive your brand persona through effectively. Eventually leading to a rise in leads and conversions. 

Targeted Ads for Target Audiences:

Knowing your audience is the first step towards successful marketing. As someone in the advertising and marketing industry, you must always aim to display your brand and product in a way that would be attractive to YOUR potential buyers. 

Creating an advert using memes for a target age group of 35+ would be inefficient, and cause irrelevant ad campaigns. Being impactful can only come from the conscious effort of keeping the wants and needs of your potential customers in mind. 

Targeted ads are well planned, scheduled, and place advertisements that tap into the interests of your target audience. Think of how Moov ads are aimed to attract the attention of the homemaker, whose body hurts from the work she does. Not only does it offer her a solution for her pain, it also shows her that they understand how tiring and strenuous her work as a homemaker is. Attract your audience similarly. 

Make the most of Variety: 

Variety is the weakness of any individual. Having gone from a world of limited options and opportunities, to now a world with endless options. It’s common to hear people complain about too much variety. However, as a company this is your biggest strength. Variety gives you range, and that gives you the opportunity to attract multiple audiences in one shot. 

With DSN, you can create a variety of advertisements for varying audiences and circulate them in accordance with relevant timeslots, and expand your reach tremendously. 

Another form of variety and flexibility available through Digital Signage is the ability to change your advertisements from time to time, without having to waste, or expend resources. For instance, to change billboards, or any major print ad, the resources required are endless, as well as the costs. DSN allows for a one time investment, and maybe a few maintenance charges. 

More importantly, to change the advertisements being displayed, all you have to do is design a new creative and use softwares to make the changes across all your screens. If convenience isn’t enough to attract your attention, I’m not entirely sure what is. 

Efficient Communication is here: 

Having said all the above, always remember that communicating efficiently, is the key here. Ensure that your creatives capture your brand identity, your content expresses exactly what you’re aiming for, and your ideas are clearly placed. 

If you are clear on these things, there is nothing more communicative or efficient than DSN. Put your message across in the most interactive and attractive way possible, and this will be the best investment you make. 

Always remember that content and communication are the biggest pillars for marketing and advertising. No matter which way this industry develops, they will always remain the most important part. 

This is the Digital Era: 

We’ve said it, and heard it, over a million times. However, allow me to say it just one more time. This is the digital era, and we’re only growing more from now on. This growth period is the best time for you to establish yourself as pioneers in the eyes of your audience. 

Individuals are no longer concerned with who leads your company, or who they interact with. The most attractive feature for any company is how they establish brand presence and how they market their products, their services, and themselves. 

So what’s stopping you from jumping on to this train towards success? 

Pick up your laptop, get your designer, get the content team ready, and prepare your sales team for endless leads. 

The Rise of Digital Signage How it Can Help your Business ?

Statistical Proof

Okay, we understand, skepticism remains. So to comfort you, here are a few statistical pointers that will show you the impact DSN has on your potential buyers. 

  • A digital display has convinced 20% customers to make an unplanned purchase.
  • Statistic signs cannot hold a torch to the 400% more views captured by DSN. 
  • DSN influenced 75% customers to speak of stores they were impressed by. 
  • 8 out of 10 customers have entered a store due to digital signage. 
  • Seeing digital signage causes approximately 59% people to further explore the advertised product or service. 

If this combination of facts and figures wasn’t enough, there are websites you can visit, and agencies (like MM)you can speak with to explore DSN and learn more. Hop on this train before it leaves the station, and you’ll be grateful you made this decision when the time was right. 

Trends aren’t always a matter of herd mentality, and in this case, it is most definitely not simply a fad. This is a proven method for improved marketing. So our question to you is this, what are you waiting for? 

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