The 12 Best Phone Camera Accessories (2022): Apps, Tripods, Microphones & More

2 years ago


Moment offers several tripod mounts that are compatible with MagSafe compatible phones, but I like the multi-entry mount the best. It’s just a flat disc of metal with several holes drilled into it (which is why the mount is affectionately called a Swiss cheese plate), each hole corresponding to the size of a tripod screw.

It’s small enough to fit in any camera kit and versatile enough that I haven’t come across a tripod that I can’t use it with. As soon as you insert your phone into the mount, it clings to it with an amazingly powerful magnetic grip. It’s just a great tool to have on hand and I’ve used it a lot more than I thought. It worked for everything from stabilizing my phone for video calls to turning my phone into an “emergency” backup low-light landscape shooter – when I forgot to charge my camera batteries before walking along a scenic beach.

This one is designed specifically for use with Apple’s MagSafe technology, but Moment offers several MagSafe adapter cases for Samsung, Pixeland One Plus Android phones.

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