The 10 Best and Most Violent Games of 2022

1 year ago

In the post-apocalyptic Blue Twelve Studios, the humans are gone and the cats are left roaming the neon-lit ruins. To roam, a puzzle platformer in which players control a ginger tabby cat traveling through a cyberpunk world, is simple in its approach: you are the lost cat. You can meow, scratch and be endlessly annoying, all with a cute little backpack. It’s hard without thumbs. But what is supposedly a homecoming story is actually surprisingly emotional, touching on themes like injustice and existentialism. There is a certain loneliness in his world and his silence which makes To roam apart.

Also, be a cute cat Indeed funny. I cannot stress this enough.



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Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PS4/5, Xbox Series X|S, PC

Tunic heavy for the old school The Legend of Zelda energy. Its ethereal world has little explanation, which instead challenges players to figure out their journey with a few clues. As a (super cute) fox, players will venture into forests, dungeons and more, solving puzzles and fighting enemies as they make their way forward.

The game is a pleasure to explore. You’ll have a few clear objectives – for example, one of the first is to find a hidden sword – and it’s even possible to complete the entire game in less than an hour. However, it’s not about speed. This unlocks every new secret that clever game design keeps. Tunic not big or pompous like so many other games in 2022. It’s peaceful. Sit back, enjoy the dreamy soundtrack and try to figure out how you missed this road at first glance.

Vampire Survivors


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Platforms: Xbox Series X|S, PC, iOS, Android

Luca Galente Vampire Survivors hit of 2022. Although its initial early access period didn’t generate much hype, the game finally took hold earlier this year, followed by its full release in the fall.

The game looks undeniably cheap – think Super Nintendo-friendly visuals – and fairly simple in its gameplay. You have weapons and hordes of monsters to kill. The deceptively simple premise quickly gives way to chaos as the pace reaches a level of frenzy full of on-screen monsters. As you level up, you can choose upgrades that will make your runs a little easier, but no less hectic.

Vampire Survivors it’s the perfect game to get started quickly, though it’s hard to put down. Best of all, it was only launched for mobile this month.

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