What is Stingray Service Gateway and Its Purposes

3 years ago

Stingray Service Gateway is software designed for Internet service providers, IPTV providers and other players in the telecommunications industry. All-in-one solution for deep packet inspection and traffic classification. The most important platform functions are deep packet inspection and traffic classification at L2-L7-OSI levels.

In addition to Stingray SG, ITGLOBAL.COM has announced a white label partner program to its Latin American colleagues. As part of this program, ITGLOBAL.COM partners receive a turnkey cloud infrastructure based on the vStack virtualization platform. Carriers that have signed up for the white label can sell IaaS under their own brand.

What is Stingray Service Gateway and Its Purposes

According to a survey conducted during the conference, the subjects most interesting to attendees are:

Local 5G and IoT development; Digital transformation; A new growth model for the telecommunications industry.

The platform is used for the following purposes:

  1. Filter websites based on a blacklist.
  2. Prioritize traffic and improve quality of customer service Planned and timely migration to IPv6 Protect your network from DDoS and BotNet attacks.
  3. Profile your customer base and run marketing campaigns.
  4. Building a transparent and scalable communication network.

Stingray SG combines four functions: routers, deep packet inspection (DPI) tools, wideband network gateway (BNG) and network address translation (NAT) servers. This versatility allows operators to build more compact networks and reduce expansion and management costs by more than 25%.


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