Selecting the Right Drill Bits

3 years ago

Drill machines are one of the most indispensable tools in any business maintenance or office repair kits. However, a drill machine is useless if you do not have the right drill bits as accessories. Drill bits are small cutting tools that can be fit into your drill machine and are used to make holes of different sizes and shapes on different materials such as cinder blocks, brick, concrete, metal, fiberglass, plastic, vinyl flooring, tile, and different types of wood. 

Selecting the right drill bit is not only necessary to bore holes quickly and with ease, but also maintaining the longevity of your drill. 

Drill bits can be selected based on various criteria; selecting drill bits depends on the material or medium on which they will be used, the size of the bits, the scale of the job, and the coating.

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Selecting the right drill bit based on the type of medium

Once you’ve decided the material you need to drill, you can select the drill bit that suits your particular need.

Wood drill bits

Drill bits that can be used on wood come with a small, pointed tip with spurs on each side. HSS bits are suitable for drilling wood, both soft and hard wood varieties. Wood drill HSS bits are sometimes coated with chromium or titanium that makes the wood drill bit last longer. 

The commonly used wood drill bits are:

  • Spade bits: These are ideal if you need holes with a large diameter.
  • Lip and spur/Brad points: These drill bits produce a smooth exit hole.
  • Hole saws: If you need a large diameter drilling, hole saw drill bits are the best choice.
  • Step bits: These drill bits are perfect when you need different sized holes without changing the bit.
  • Countersink bits: These bits are mainly used on finished wooden surfaces.
  • Auger bits: Auger bits can bore deeply into hardwoods. 

Masonry drill bits

Masonry drill bits have a sloping tip that is sometimes coated with carbide for more sharpness. A masonry drill bits can be used to drill concrete, tiles and works best with stone and cinder block.

Metal drill bits

Metal drill bits have wide-angled tip and have a titanium coating or contain cobalt for strength and durability. 

Other frequently used drill bits are:

  • Twist drill bits: As the name suggests, these bits are used for rotary drilling.
  • Forstner bits: These bits allow you to drill holes with a flat base.
  • Reduced shank bits: These bits allow you to drill holes with a large diameter hole. 
  • Self-feed bits: Self-feed bits come with a screw tip. 

Selecting the right drill bit based on the size of the drill bit

Drill bits come in different lengths and diameters; you would need to select the drill bit depending on the target hole size. You should use a drill bit chart to get the right measurement.

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