How to Reboot the Router and Modem

4 years ago

The first and recommended step in troubleshooting internet connection problems is to reboot your router and modem or combined modem/router device. The steps to reboot the router and modem are as follows:

Reboot the router and modem

Before proceeding with the steps to reboot your router and modem, check the basic differences between your router and modem.

How to Reboot the Router and Modem

As you can see in the image below, the modem provides internet connection from the service provider to the router, and the router creates a WiFi network for all devices.

Depending on your service provider, you may have separate router and modem devices, or combined (or single) devices that act as routers and modems.

Regardless of whether you have a combined device or a separate modem and router, the steps to reboot your router and modem are actually the same.

How to reboot the router and modem

To reboot the router and modem, you need to disconnect these two devices from the power supply, wait for a while and restore the power supply.

The fastest way to reboot the router and modem is to turn off both the power supplies to the router and modem devices, wait for 30 seconds, then power on both devices.

In most cases, you need to fix the problem. If that doesn’t help, follow the correct method to reboot your router and modem as provided below.

1. Remove both the modem and the router (or single-coupled device) from the power supply , please .

Note: The power cable is located on the back of the modem and router.

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2. Wait about 30-60 seconds after disconnecting the power supply of the router and modem.

The purpose of the standby is for the capacitors in the router and modem to completely discharge and clear the settings.

Another reason to wait is that your modem is completely separated from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and you have to establish a new connection on restart.

3. Reconnect the power cable to the modem and router (or combined device).

4. Wait until all lights on the modem and router come on.

Note: On certain routers, you may need to press the router’s power switch.

After completing the steps above, it may take some time for your device to come back online.

Once the WiFi connection is established on your phone or computer, make sure you can connect to the webpage using the internet and are happy with the performance.

If you’re still having issues, you’ll need to perform additional troubleshooting using the steps in this guide. No connection limitations or no connection issues in Windows 10

Why you need to reboot your router and modem

A router is basically a small computer with its own CPU, memory and storage running in the operating system.

Routers, like computers, can suffer from process hangs, memory leaks, CPU overheating and other issues.

So, rebooting the router works similarly to rebooting the computer when the computer hangs or something goes wrong.

Rebooting the router and modem terminates the router software’s hang process and restarts the modem as well.

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