New Xbox Series X – What Will Be the Long-Awaited Prefix?

4 years ago

The 2020th year has already become special for gamers – after all, the next, 10th generation consoles will soon be on sale: the new Xbox from Microsoft and the long-awaited Playstation 5. And for fans and followers of Xbox, an important event recently took place: the head of console manufacturing company Phil Spencer (Phil Spencer) finally revealed the main characteristics and technical features of the expected gaming device.

Unnamed .pngAnd if so far we could only guess what will be inside the Microsoft console, and rumors and gossip spread around the Internet at light speeds – now much has become definite and clear. As already known from the December release of the console, the Xbox Series X (the official name of the upcoming device) will go on sale by the end of this year. Let’s see what the new console monster of the game world will be.

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Design and construction

The appearance of the console was known since the June presentation of Microsoft at E3. The console really looks spectacular and completely unlike what gamers have used so far. Many saw the similarities between the Xbox Series X and desktop computers, rather than consoles.

GPU Scaling

The device has the shape of an ideal parallelepiped (in this case, an elongated cube). Moreover, if on the renderings you can see that the console is standing on the surface vertically, the developers claim that the device can be installed in a horizontal orientation.

XboxSeriesXHERO_large.jpgStrictness and minimalism – this is how the appearance of the new Xbox can be described. No bevels, flow around and smoothed corners – only right angles and clear edges. Absolutely flat surfaces and black color. The material from which the body will be made is unknown.

A thin cut-out for optical disks along with a button for ejecting them will be located on the front vertical edge, and an inconspicuous Xbox logo will flaunt in the upper part. The top face will not be even, but recessed to the center – the grid will be placed here, apparently for the removal of hot air.

Stuffing and performance

Some characteristics are already known for certain. First, Phil Spencer said that the console will work on the basis of a processor specially designed for the console from AMD. Of course, the processor will run on the latest Zen 2 architecture, which in recent years has revolutionized the processor race. It’s clear that the choice fell on AMD and not Intel, since multicore is the most promising trend for the development of hardware work in future games.

GBmCHZLBahzUhztPUKusMm-1200-80.jpgThe graphics subsystem will also be represented by AMD with its architecture Radeon RDNA 2, also specially designed for the gameplay. An important feature of the new architecture is significant optimization for streaming and streaming. Game developers already have access to the graphics processor of the future Xbox, working with a capacity of as much as 12 Teraflops (TFLOPS). In addition, the console video card will support real-time ray tracing and, as a result, use the DirectX 12 library at the hardware level.

Unnamed .jpgIn general, the performance of the new console will be twice as much as that of its predecessor – the Xbox One X (the last iteration of the Microsoft console) and more than 8 times that of the Xbox One that was released 5 years ago.

It also became known that a new generation SSD will be used as the drive, which may even be able to play the role of the device’s RAM.

Gaming experience

A consequence of the above (Spencer also spoke about this in his statement-article) is a significant improvement in the gaming experience for gamers. Thus, the latest SSD will allow game designers to create even larger worlds, as well as more picturesque and dynamic environments. Downloading new locations and the game itself will be instant. More interestingly, gamers will be able to instantly switch between several running games without any level loading.

halo_infinite_blue_light_7680.0.jpgThe company has already demonstrated the capabilities of the new device on the example of Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 – the sequel to Hellblade. Let me remind you that the latter is a unique game of the industry – the first indie project with a mainstream budget.

The console will play games in 8K resolution at 120 frames per second. Moreover, the console now supports DLI (Dynamic Latency Input) – thanks to this technology, the time between pressing a button on the controller and what is happening on the screen will be significantly reduced.

Xbox Series X will support older games, but not all (which ones, not specified). At the same time, games will automatically be played at a higher frame rate and in higher resolution.

334568.jpgAs for the gamepad – in form it has not changed much compared to the joystick from the Xbox One X but acquired a new “Share” button, which will quickly record short videos and screenshots.

We will look forward to the release of the new consoles and timely inform you of important news. Do not forget to visit our blog more often , where we regularly publish not only news, but also useful and interesting articles about everything related to gadgets and technologies.

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