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We have witnessed a rapid growth in the vaping industry in recent times. With the constant innovation in its technologies, it is safe to say that vaping will continue to remain popular in the years to come. New vaping technologies are being introduced by manufacturers each year. These innovations help in giving consumers a glimpse of new trends. These new trends help vapers stay current with the newest and in vogue vaping technology in the market. 

In this post, we will explore the newest trends in vaping technology.


New vaping trends help vapers stay current with the vaping community. It helps in giving vapers a sense of belonging by introducing them to new ways they can enhance their vaping experience.

Here are the newest trends in vaping technology:

  • PORTABLE VAPING TECHNOLOGIES/DEVICES: One of the constant and obvious improvements we are experiencing in the tech world is a significant reduction in the sizes of all kinds of gadgets and vaping devices are no exception. In the past, you would have needed an entire room to setup up a computer. Today, tech innovations have enabled you to take your PC with you everywhere you go. The same is true about vaping technology. Vape manufacturers are doing all they can to make vaping devices smaller while enhancing the vaping experience at the same time. One of the best examples of this is the vape pen. The demand for smaller tech is proof that we will see further reductions in the size of vaping devices for years to come. You can learn more about these portable vaping technology trends on ePuffer.
  • THE EMERGENCE OF NICOTINE SALTS: Consumers always demand new trends to keep their experience adventurous and nothing can be classified as new and trendy in the vaping industry as nicotine salts. No, nicotine salts don’t taste salty. The name is simply a scientific description of the product. There is no other nicotine smoking product available on the market with a higher nicotine concentration than nicotine salts. These trendy products play a crucial role in helping traditional cigarette smokers quit smoking by offering them a less harmful alternative. Although several reports state that nicotine is a highly addictive substance, there is little evidence indicating that it is responsible for the health conditions we generally associate with it.
  • INCREASED DEMAND FOR FLAVORED E-CIGS: We have witnessed an increase in the demand for flavored E-cigs year om year and this year is not going to be different. There is a variety of flavored E-cigs on the market ranging from minty flavors to strawberry flavors. However, you should know that choosing a flavor-based liquid for your vaping device will most likely affect the size of the cloud that it is able to form.

The constant innovation in vaping technology helps creates new trends, enhancing the vaping community experience. These new and trendy devices and products are often manufactured to enhance the vaping experience for the consumer. This implies that new vaping trends often offer a better vaping experience for almost the same price as previous trends. They also give vapers a glimpse of the devices and product that the majority of the vaping community love. Hence, making changing devices or vape products easier.

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