My cats love these tricky sliding puzzle boxes

12 months ago

The sliders are made of cardboard and are easy to assemble. Also, there are no jingling bits, rope or anything else for them to choke on. Yes standard And mega size, and each one is covered with different sized paw holes to fit. Inner boxes – sliders – can also be pulled. As they pull and push, the treats jump out of the sliders, falling through the tiered box. The moving parts make the puzzle change so it stays interesting. The result is hours of entertainment for bored cats. Or at least entertainment while there are treats to hunt.

The study found that the benefits of introducing puzzles include weight loss and even a solution to litter avoidance and aggression towards humans and other cats. Luckily, I haven’t dealt with these more severe issues, so I can’t confirm these benefits. However, I saw a real difference in game times. Huxley and Ely don’t get bored and leave after a few minutes, and they don’t even have to wait for me to finish work to be entertained. One day I heard a crack from another room and discovered that Huxley had pushed one puzzle into another – I had piled them up while cleaning and forgot to put them back. He could play on his own terms, but still be rewarded.

Pamper yourself

Video: Amazing cat

All cat owners are probably familiar with the experience of buying a brand new toy only to find that the baleen prefer to play with the crumpled cloth they found in the bathroom trash. This has been the case with other activity toys I have purchased. The battery-operated mice and even the $240 wheel were barely used. But these puzzles only cost $27 to $37 and are really attractive.

Like my cats, I tend to ingest food as quickly as possible, inhaling more than I actually enjoy. Unfortunately, I don’t have a puzzle yet where I can hide my snacks. But for my cats, Cat Amazing puzzles have turned treat time into a game rather than a competition to see who can eat the most and the fastest. They eat slower, play longer, and sometimes even work together.

You don’t have to let your cat out and catch rat bait or go to animal control. A domestic cat can live a perfectly happy and active life as long as her mom or dad can provide her with the right tools.

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