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4 years ago

You need apps today for everything whether it’s about setting up your exercising routine or booking a cab even you need a mobile app to order your favorite food any time of the day. But, the surprising thing is that you also badly need apps for your apps. 

Not getting it? That’s what I will explain to you in this blog. Let’s have a good read to find the best apps for your online privacy. 

Why Do Privacy Apps Matter?

Like other users, if you are just there to enjoy different online experiences via mobile apps, then let me tell you one thing there are tracking cookies with apps you install. 

Every time when you install an application, you agree to the terms and conditions, allowing tracking cookies to track your history. Some applications not only track, but also sell your data to the third-parties. Viruses, malware, scam, and ransomware are another part of the same story.

Therefore, you need to give your mobile sometime to make space for the best apps for privacy control. Besides, searching for the best security tools including top VPN in the UK and America, you can try these privacy apps as another option. And, of course, these privacy apps matter because they aim to protect your data against online spoofing. 

Does Privacy Apps Really Make Difference? 

Now that’s a real question. The thing is that we often have heard about installing privacy apps for effective privacy control. And, as I mentioned above that privacy apps matter because they at least claim to save your information from digital abuse. 

The fact is that Privacy apps really make a difference, and that’s the reason that every year companies splurge in the development of such apps. These privacy apps spare businesses from losing millions of dollars in damage. 

In addition, there are many users around the world, relying on security apps like a password manager, VPN, biometric identification, and others. 

These apps work and protect users’ confidential information in the best manner from hackers and other applications trying to intervene.  

What are the best privacy apps that I can use? 

Every day thousands of apps are released among which some are outperforming, while others are just dreadful. 

However, below I will list down the top 5 privacy apps on which you can rely with eyes closed. But, in case, if you still want to know about how to find the best privacy apps, then there is a simple way for that. 

You can simply check the app name, find its developer, read comments, and see the app’s rating. It will help you decide whether to install the app or not. 

Best Privacy Apps to Try in 2020 


Jumbo is an iPhone app designed to keep your privacy intact. This app is absolutely amazing and the number one choice for every iPhone user. It helps you to take control of your privacy on different social media apps. Jumbo is a good app for those who find it difficult to update privacy settings on various social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

Download Jumbo VPN App

Jumbo is basically an audit app that checks your privacy settings for various social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon’s Alexa. 

Whatever apps and services you use; Jumbo scans and recommends a few actions for improved privacy. You just have to tap on the recommendations and things will be fixed through this app. 


FastestVPN is a reputable virtual private network service and an excellent privacy app for your daily browsing. It’s paid, but worth using since it encrypts your digital footprints and keeps your browsing safe. 

Fastest VPN

FastestVPN uses strong 256-bit encryption that encrypts your traffic and protects it from web sniffers. Besides, impeccable encryption it also lets you unblock streaming sites like Netflix and other geo-restricted content with its super-fine server range across the globe. 

FastestVPN app can be used on both iOS and Android phones for privacy protection. 

Smart AppLock 

Smart AppLock works for Android phones. It seems to be a great app to secure applications like WhatsApp and others. Often people enable fingerprint to lock on their mobile screens and once you tap on that anyone can easily access your gallery, WhatsApp conversations, and other forms of personal data. 

Download Smart Applock

However, using Smart AppLock will save you from unwanted access. You can individually lock applications via this app. It means that if you have to hand-over your phone to anyone still they cannot access your personal applications or photos. 

Find My Device 

Find MY Device is a must-have app for every mobile user. A similar app is right there for iPhone users named Find My iPhone. What sets this app apart is its capability of locating a lost or missing device. It’s not the only good feature of the app in fact it also enables you to disable your phone in case of a loss. 

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Find My Device

Besides, disabling your phone also gives you the power to save an emergency number on its screen. In case, if a good man will find your phone at least he can immediately call to inform you. 


The bouncer is another right choice for the privacy of concerned individuals. Every time when I install an app and it asks me to allow the app access to the camera and location it gives me qualms. If you also feel the same scruple then Bouncer is the app that you need. 

Bouncer App

The bouncer allows permission to a newly installed app temporarily. It means that as soon as you will close the app all its access to your camera, location, or gallery will automatically remove. With Bouncer, no apps can invade your privacy or consume battery.


There you have it! I have tried my best to cover the top 5 privacy apps for android and iOS. You can install any of the listed apps to uplift your privacy experience. Also, don’t forget to create a complex password for financial accounts, enable two-factor authentication, and use a VPN for secure browsing sessions. 

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