The Major Driving Factors of the 3D printing market in 2021

3 years ago

The worldwide acceptance of 3D printing technology as a distinct manufacturing technology is prevailing since its inception in 1986. And every year that the technology has been into existence, people have associated it because of some or the other benefit that it has. These benefits are the major driving factors of the market that the 3D printing technology brought with itself. One of the benefits of 3D printers is that one single machine is able to manufacture parts and functional prototypes that can be used for different industries.

The other benefit is mass customization. Because 3D printing technology is based on a 3D design file and by tweaking a little bit, results in a modified version of that product. Another benefit is the flexibility of sharing work in a digitized world of 3D printing technology. With such major benefits, there are minor driving factors that we get exposed to every year and which ensures the long life of the 3D printing market for the upcoming years.  So, here are some of those noteworthy driving factors for the market in 2021.

1)   3D Printing enables us to envision better healthcare for all

The Major Driving Factors of the 3D printing market in 2021

After undergoing the Coronavirus pandemic, we all came to know how unpredictable a virus can be. It can ask the complete world to adjust without interacting majorly on a physical basis and to be under a lockdown, to operate from our homes. Even in conditions like that, the 3D printing technology came handy. It managed to manufacture PPE kits for health line workers, other assets that were to be worn and what not! Italian 3D printing company Isinnova’s contribution in the 3D printing component used for connecting respirators to oxygen masks was the most noteworthy!

Even if we think of the technology without the contribution it was able to make during the pandemic, it promises a more suitable world than other manufacturing technologies. This is because of its ability to customize. Every individual can get personalized organs, skin grafts or mechanical parts for printing targeted nanoparticles, food and pills that can be micro biome-specific and physiology-specific.

2)   The way 3D printing’s scope is foreseen in the construction sector

The Major Driving Factors of the 3D printing market in 2021
There is plenty of evidence available for this factor. Multiple companies have popped up all across the world that use 3D printing technology to construct some or the other commercial complex or a residential home. There is a company in California that resulted out of a collaboration between New-Story and Icon and Echale that aimed at producing homes for fifty struggling families in Tabasco, Mexico. Examples of homes which can be made in twenty four hours that use a giant 3D printer are serving as an ideal for companies in the 3D printing construction sector. They reduce cost by a major amount and are safe and can last years to come.

Everyone is familiar with Winsun, a company from China that offers 3D printed houses built entirely using recycled materials. These houses cost less than $5000. They are made using a giant 3D printer which utilizes 3D printing materials such as fiberglass, steel, cement, binder and recycled rubber. According to Pick3dprinter, these are some of the best high resolution 3D Printers that could be used in construction.

3)   Automobile designers can manufacture complex parts with ease and speed, using 3D printing

The Major Driving Factors of the 3D printing market in 2021
Once the design is completely flawlessly made in the 3D software, the printing of that automobile part is precise and fast. The greatest benefit of 3D printing is that it’s really powerful when it comes to prototyping. Additionally, manufacturers can create custom, complex and high-performing parts with ease. We can tell so by taking the example of Ford, which uses 3D printing technology for rapid prototyping for making car’s testing parts. A survey says, by doing so Ford saves $493,000 per month. Another example of how 3D printing technology can be used to add never-before-seen luxury to automobiles can be of Bentley. The car manufacturing company utilized this technology for creating more detailed and micro-scale precise parts for their car.

4)   The potential of 3D printing market in Food industry

The Major Driving Factors of the 3D printing market in 2021
It’s possible for you to 3D print food currently. In fact companies like byFlow own 3D printers that can create edible dishware and tasty food. Although the 3D printing food industry is still at a very early stage of development as compared to healthcare, construction or automobile, but the way experts see its potential, it’s very promising. At the time of writing this article, the technology has developed enough to help you make pizza, pasta, sandwiches for your snacks, and pastries for dessert. And based on that and the research and development going on in this sector one can predict that there’ll be a day soon until next thanksgiving or next to next, when 3D printing is able to make the complete dinner for one’s family.

The company named Sushi Singularity 3D printed bespoke Sushi. Other 3D printing startups have also conducted interesting experiments to make 3D printed food from leftovers of the restaurant. There are pop up restaurants in existence, currently, that can serve 3D printed food experiences. Just like 3D printed homes, 3D printed food can be of help for the ones who do not make it for their bread and butter, twice a day.

The Conclusion

The cost of machines that’s needed for manufacturing 3D printed items is decreasing day by day. 3D printers are now available for less than $200. Of course they are not the ones that will help you print all of the factors mentioned on the list above. But if today they cost significantly high, as the technology becomes more and more accessible their cost is automatically going to lower. And apart from the industries wherein these major driving factors of the 3D printing market are mentioned above, there is fashion industry, aerospace, and the way in which 3D printing is good for the environment. Summing all of them up, the bubble of the 3D printing market becomes even larger and even more driven by profiting factors. And there are more that always adds-up as the technology grows, yeah?

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