‘Loverwatch’ made me wish for a third first date

1 year ago

While in Overwatch 2these characters are incredible heroes, this approach allows lovers it takes time to humanize them. “For Genji in particular, I really wanted to hit the mark with such an empty golden retriever head,” Moyer says of the storyline she wrote.

“[Mercy’s] it’s just so awkward,” Min adds. “I thought she was probably so busy getting her two PhDs before she was 18 that she probably didn’t have much time to socialize. But she’s still so sure of herself.” Without going into too much detail, this look comes through in the storylines of both characters where these people that you may have spent hundreds of hours behind playing HowSuddenly become massive dorks at dinner.

While I could say a lot about the characters in this game, it’s a short enough experience that it’s worth playing for yourself. But suffice to say, Hanzo’s Cupid memes are probably on their way.

“When can I date Moira?”

The only truly disappointing aspect lovers how little there is. It’s a bit of a meme Overwatch the community that throws out lore can be somewhat sporadic (and dating sim is even poking fun at this time), so it’s both like a deep dive into non-canonical lore, but also a teaser of what else might be.

So far, Blizzard has not intended to add anything to loversbut there is a possibility. “This is hope. I mean, if this is well-received by the players,” marketing manager Beth Bryson tells WIRED, “no promises, but there is absolute hope that we can potentially expand this experience in the future.”

There’s also no shortage of characters to expand your date list with. There are currently 36 playable heroes in the game. Overwatch 2, and new ones arrive every two 9-week seasons. And according to the writers I’ve spoken to, none of them seem ready for a potential sequel.

I asked them all who they would most like to see in lovers plot in the future. “Ramattra,” Bryson said, referring to the game. newest, best tank. “He’s so angry! We’ll become a vicious omniscient.”

“You could heal him,” Ming chimes in before adding his own choice. “My choice would be – it sounds very strange – fur, Wrecking Ball fur.” IN Overwatch 2Wrecking Ball is a character consisting of a super-intelligent hamster named Hammond piloting a giant ball-shaped mech.

“I had this whole scheme in my head, for example, Hammond is a parent, and now there is a curfew,” Min elaborates. “And you help the fur understand human emotions and help him understand what it means to go on a journey of love.”

Non-canonical character lovers means that the game is free to explore such ideas without being tied to the lore or even the logic of the game itself. And that could make this little mini-game one of the most exciting things that has ever happened. Overwatch During a long time.

For years, the characters in the game have been its strongest point. Each one is full of personality, with clear identities, strengths, weaknesses and relationships. But most of that was only touched upon in the occasional animated shorts, comics, or weird voice line and map easter egg.

Until the long-awaited PVE mode arrives – or until we finally get Mystical-style Overwatch anime – this dating sim might be the best take on the characters we’ve been playing with for almost seven years.

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