Latest Technology Gadgets in Cars

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Latest Technology Gadgets in Cars

Despite all the latest advancements in technology, Now Users don’t look for Car body or Engine specifications as much as they look for exciting features or latest technology gadgets in cars. Though the Car engine does matter now the more attractions are these latest technology gadgets in cars. These technologies make the driver and vehicle occupants interact with today’s increasingly sophisticated automobiles. Below we are going to explain the list of all the latest technology Gadgets in cars.

Latest Technology Gadgets in Cars

KeyLess Startup

In the Latest Technology Gadgets in Cars, one of the most used and visible features is a Push Start button which allows your car a keyless startup. This is just a Simple Button just press and your Car ignition will turn on.

Latest Technology Gadgets in Cars

Driving Limitations Technology

Allowing a new driver to use your car is sometimes nerve-wracking specially when he is just a teenager. One of the best latest Technology Gadgets in cars is Car Driver Limitation Technology. This technology has many features like it notify the owner of the car is driven over speed, Driver not using Seat belt, Driver not following the Rules, or even if the driver is playing loud music.

Chevrolet’s has introduced this Feature it generates a report card which will explain the driving experience of a vehicle like ABS or any other collision alert have been activated or not.

AntyTheft Vehicle Tracking System

A vehicle tracking system is the Latest Technology in Car Gadgets. More than 800,000 Vehicle get Stolen in 2019 till mid of the year only. Looking at these Numbers the gadget makers had developed a new gadget which will be installed in the car system secretly and unable to remove or turn off by the thief. With such a Tracking system, it is assumed that 50% of the cars will be recovered. This Credit goes to the innovative technology that all the automobile makers are installing in their vehicles. This tracker system has the ability such as the ability for the stolen car or truck to tell law enforcement when it is being held, Engine Jamming, Steering Wheel Locking System etc

Smart Mobile Connectivity Feature

Its is no doubt to say that the world is revolving arround smartphones and it has changed everything, including how we interact with our cars. Now Most of the famous car makers are offering a built-in feature to connect your Smartphone with your car stereo. Now even They car start or lock the car with their phones without sitting in the car. You get a notification on your phone about any malfunction in your car, Fuel Status, Oil Warning level, and even Tire pressure in some devices. In winter you can even remotely start the car to warm things up on a cold morning. and in Summer you can simply turn the aircondition on and keep the car cool.

Control Your Car Stereo With Phone

We all had to admit that these latest stereo feature, Climate control, Navigation system and infotainment system in the cars are not user-friendly. There is an amazing Latest Technology Gadgets in Cars is introduced are the connectivity of your Apple Carplay or Android Smartphone to take all the control of your car. This is just a Plug and plays to control the big screen of your car replacing it with something that looks a lot more familiar and easy to use.

You’ll get a very familiar control interface to access your music, maps, and your phones voice control features and avoid the unnecessary and complicated system of your car inbuilt stereo. Make sure to verify your car has the right options, and that it matches your mobile devices.

Auto Adaptive Cruise Control

Travelling at the same speed in long-distance Travel is no Fun. Here we will introduce you one of the best Latest Technology Gadgets in cars which allow users to keep their legs relax while the vehicle will be on autopilot cruise mode. This system Called Adaptive Cruise Control. This can take a lot of the stress out of the experience. This system had a built-in Sensor which can sense the distance between other cars on the road and match the speed of the car in front of you. So you don’t have to use Breaks or Change gears.

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Latest Technology Gadgets in Cars

Some systems even allow the car to be brought to a complete halt and then resume automatically, making stop-and-go traffic considerably less frustrating. It might make you uneasy handing over some amount of control to the car, but we promise: use it once, and you’ll never want to go back.

Automatic Emergency Braking AEB

Another Best Technology Gadgets in Cars is Automatic Emergency Braking. AEB uses a specific Sensor to of sensors to determine the forward collision automatically and applies the brakes to Reduce of diminishing the severity and loss.

This kind of technology is still under a making process and it says that by 2022 most of the new vehicles will have this feature to increase the security of users life. and reduce the Accident ratio. These systems are extremely good, but you can not totally rely on the system and leave the car on its own. It helps you in a situation where a driver may not giving attention to the road, and it’s extremely alarming when the system does engage.

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