Instagram Shopping Feature Hopes to Make Shopping Easier

5 years ago

Instagram Shopping Feature

In our fast-paced world, people prefer things to be “instant”, something that Instagram excels at and is bringing to the fashion industry with a “Instagram Shopping Feature Now” feature. In recent years, Instagram has become one of the primary sources of news related to the latest trends and fashions; designers and models have gotten the kind of global exposure that magazines could never have provided them. With countless Instagram accounts dedicated to all kinds of fashion, people tend to turn to the social media site to keep themselves updated on what the celebrities are wearing and what the seasonal trends are.

Instagram Shopping Feature Hopes to Make Shopping Easier

Some people even use the comment section of Instagram to buy things they like. Instagram has taken this idea and improved upon it to provide its users with a “Shop Now” feature which will allow them to buy anything they like in a certain picture.

Before Instagram Shopping Feature

Before the Instagram “Shop Now” feature can be introduced globally, trial runs will be conducted with a limited number of shops. Currently, the company is introducing 20 mini shops, with partners like Abercrombie & Fitch, JackThreads, Coach and Warby Parker, which will allow users to tap on items they like in a particular picture and see their details right there in the Instagram feed. There will also be a “shop now” button, which will lead the users to a checkout page for the item they are interested in.  However, since this is a small-scale test at the moment, it will only be available within the United States. Furthermore, the retailers partnering with Instagram will not be able to promote their shops through advertisements. The Instagram “Shop Now” feature is a step forward in conducting commerce through social media websites, which has been lacking so far. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram have all attempted to introduce commerce to their website, but have failed to accomplish anything from it. However, the Instagram “Shop Now” may prove to be a success by bridging the gap between consumers and retailers.


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