How to scientifically lose weight 5 kg for 3 days

4 years ago

How to start a scientific diet

As I study growth and strive to grow, I realize that health is an important part of helping growth. I want to grow intellectually, mentally, and spiritually, but it was difficult without my body to follow. So I am researching and practicing with great interest in health care, and I would like to share several scientifically proven effective diet methods.

How to scientifically lose 5 kg for 3 days

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I, like many people, have been living since I was in my mid-twenties without feeling a sense of crisis as my weight gained and continued to increase. Since my job and hobbies are to dig deeply into my field of interest and study diet, I started to study the most effective and scientific methods by visiting research papers in prestigious journals and practicing them. As a result, I was able to lose 10 kilos for about 3 months, and after that, I was able to maintain a proper weight without much effort.

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Today, I will tell you the best way to start dieting. For reference, this method is not recommended for people with diseases such as gout, diabetes, eating disorders, pregnant women, or minors. If you want to try this method, please consult with your doctor. Also, please remember that what I share is not medical advice.

This is a 72-hour fast that allows you to lose weight in a short time and start effective weight management. It’s 72 hours, 3 days without eating anything and only drinking water. Impossible? You’re shaking without even eating one meal? You can. However, if you care a little and prepare for a few days before fasting, anyone can do enough.

We normally use carbohydrates as an energy source, and modern people usually consume more carbohydrates than necessary, so excess carbohydrates accumulate as fat. However, when you fast for 72 hours, you begin to burn fat in your body by becoming a chitose, a state that uses all the carbohydrates in your body for about the first 24 to 48 hours and then uses fat as an energy source. In other words, your body becomes a fat burning machine. In the meantime, you will lose weight. These mechanisms are all scientifically proven.

So, before fasting, you can prepare for a good condition, that is, the body that burns fat. First, set a date for three days of fasting. If you are new to fasting, we recommend those days when you can rest at home. You can choose a long weekend or a holiday or holiday period. If you are new to this method, it will be very difficult. So, we recommend that you refrain from exercising or doing outdoor activities and rest at home.

Then, starting from the first day of fasting, you should prepare thoroughly for fasting for about 3 to 1 week. You should refrain from eating and minimize the consumption of carbohydrates such as noodles, bread, and rice. Instead, you can eat different types of vegetables. You can eat vegetables as a salad, but there are many types of salads and can taste a lot, so please look on the Internet and try to eat more vegetables. And gradually reduce the amount of food you eat during this period.

On the first day of the preparation period, 95% of the amount you normally eat, and the next day, 90%. By preparing this way, you will practice reducing calorie intake and lowering your carbohydrate dependence. The thing to keep in mind is that it is the day before fasting, so don’t eat a lot. This will make you hungry and harder during the fasting period.

Then, after 8pm on the eve of fasting, finish all dinner, and after 8pm, you can sleep without eating anything except water. And from the first morning of the fasting to the evening of the third day, I will continue to drink only water. I don’t eat anything else. If you have prepared thoroughly during the preparation period, it will help you to fast. But even if you haven’t gone through the preparation period, or if you have only prepared a little, you can fast. One tip here! It is helpful to get rid of as much food as you can at home to avoid being tempted to eat during fasting.

In particular, it’s good to get rid of all the stuffy stuff and get rid of all the delicious food. Two tips! Rest as much as possible during the fasting period. Get a little sleep, don’t do excessive activities, and relax as much as possible. Especially if you are fasting for the first 3 days, you need more rest. Three tips! Spend a busy time cleaning the house that you’ve put off to avoid thinking about eating, watching a drama or book that you’ve missed. Never look at anything like ink. It is sore. Last tip! Drink water as often as possible to avoid dehydration. No drink, juice, tea or coffee other than water.


For those who are not fasting, the first day is usually the hardest. There is a lot of temptation to eat, a lot of strength, and a lot of hunger. But don’t give up and keep pushing. If you spend the first day like this, the second day is surprisingly easy. Normally it was. And the third day will be difficult again. No energy, hungry. But it’s the last day, so be as strong as you can. No, even better, enjoy it if you’re hungry. It sounds like you are losing weight. You can eat again at 8 o’clock on the third day, and weigh yourself before eating at 8 o’clock on the last day. You will be amazed. Because 5 kilos would have been missing. Of course, there will be variations from person to person, but this is usually omitted.


In the late afternoon on the third day of fasting, the maintenance period begins. On the third day, we prepare dinner from 6 or 7 o’clock, but don’t prepare anything else. Add at least a quarter cup of rice and boil it with water for about 40 to an hour. Alternatively, you can make a vegetable bath instead of rice wine. Just put several vegetables in the water and season with a little salt to cook for 30 or 40 minutes. Until the vegetables are bitten. The first meal after fasting is after 8:00 on the third day. You have to eat a little bit of this first meal. Just one bowl of rice bowl or one bowl of vegetable soup. But if you just eat this, your stomach will be full. Does it feel like the stomach is getting smaller? Then the 72 hour fast is over. And take a good rest that evening.

From the next day, it will be maintained for 3 to 1 week, and during this period, you can avoid yo-yo if you do well while maintaining your food. During this period, avoid common unhealthy foods and take a vegetable-based diet rather than carbohydrates. Increase the amount slowly. And with this opportunity, change your eating habits even healthier after the maintenance period. Eat less than before and transfer to a vegetable-based diet at this opportunity. Do not risk your life for eating. Furthermore, with this opportunity, if you have not exercised steadily, you should also exercise regularly. Exercise is scientifically proven, the most effective high-intensity interval exercise for weight management. I recommend doing this. There are several types of high-intensity interval exercises, which will be discussed in more detail later.


Fasting experts recommend 72-hour fasting four times a year, so quarterly. You can do this three or four times a year. I have already fasted four to five times 72 hours a year, so I get used to it, so I can work and exercise as usual during the fasting period. It’s because the body itself is adapted to Quito.


And after 72 hours of fasting, it is good to start intermittent fasting every day. If you fast for 72 hours, intermittent fasting will be easier. I will write next time about intermittent fasting. There are studies that 72-hour fasting and intermittent fasting are good for preventing aging and preventing diseases by promoting metabolism of the body, helping to reduce weight, lowering high blood pressure, and promoting autophagy. If you do these three things on a regular basis, such as three days of quarterly fasting, steady high-intensity exercise, and daily intermittent fasting, you will not have to worry about weight anymore. After 3 months of finding and practicing these three methods, I was able to maintain a proper weight by subtracting 10 kilos, and I got better in shape than the Marines in my 20s.

Please give it a try and feel the power of fasting. And I want you to be free from stress on weight.


Anyway, we all live pretty, nice and healthy together.

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