Fixing The Space Between the Teeth Is More Than Just Looks

2 years ago

Most people need some sort of cosmetic dentistry service to adjust the space between the teeth. It’s completely normal because there’s nothing we can do to influence how our permanent teeth will grow. 

By following the next link, you can find out more about cosmetic dentistry and what causes teeth gaps in the first place. In the following articles, we’ll talk about how to fix a small gap in your front teeth and the effects of closing a gap in the front teeth.

What Causes a Small Gap In Your Teeth?

When it comes to the question of what causes teeth gaps, the most common answer you’ll find is genetics. Although true, there are a few other things that can be responsible. 

One thing most people don’t know is that an incorrect swallowing reflex can cause teeth to drift apart. This isn’t intentional, and it’s known that a lot of children push their teeth with their tongue instead of pushing on the top of the mouth. This usually causes a small gap between teeth, but in some cases, it can get bigger.

Another reason why some people have a small gap between teeth is that their teeth are too small compared to their jaw. When there’s more room in the jaw, the teeth are likely to move and create space between them. The good thing is that no matter how large the space between them is, it’s fixable. 

Dental Bonding Is a Great Way to Fix a Small Gap in the Front Teeth

Although tooth bonding is used in fixing cracked or chipped teeth, in some cases it can be used for reducing a small gap in teeth. 

The great thing about dental bonding is the fact that little to no prep work is required, and even if the bond falls off, your dentist can easily repeat the process on the affected teeth and close the gap in one appointment. The main purpose of tooth bonding isn’t to fix a small gap in teeth, but rather to fix a chipped tooth.

Because the main function of dental bonding isn’t fixing a small gap between teeth, it’s recommended to use a traditional way of closing the space between the teeth with regular or Invisalign braces.

Even Tooth Bonding Can Improve Your Self Esteem

Having a nice smile is aesthetically pleasing, especially knowing it’s the first thing people will notice. Aside from creating a more beautiful smile, tooth bonding will have an effect on your self-esteem as well. By closing the gap in your front teeth, you’ll have a completely different smile you won’t be insecure about. 

In most cases, having a small gap in your front teeth won’t have any effect on your oral health and hygiene — it will be a psychological issue. Luckily, there are easy fixes, and something like a tooth bond can repair the broken self-esteem.

Traditional Ways of Closing Gap in Your Front Teeth

When it comes to traditional ways of fixing small gaps in the front teeth, there are two options to choose from — Invisalign retainers and traditional braces. Depending on the severity of your case, your dentist will recommend the first or second option. 

Financially speaking, Invisalign is a bit more affordable than traditional braces and has some additional benefits compared to traditional metal braces. But, it can only be used for minor alignments. Traditional braces, although they look outdated, don’t have such limitations but are visible and can further impact a person’s self-esteem. Also, unlike Invisalign retainers, they can’t be removed whenever you want.

Both types of braces need at least a year to show a significant change in how your teeth are aligned. Also, both options require visiting the dentist every few weeks.

Which Option Is Simpler When It Comes to Fixing a Small Gap Between Teeth?

If you are looking for simplicity, Invisalign definitely has the upper hand. They don’t require as much preparation as getting traditional braces, and the biggest benefit is that you can remove them whenever you want. That means that keeping oral hygiene at a high level will be much simpler and faster.

Although you can remove them, it’s recommended to have them on your teeth at least 20–22 hours every day. In other words, you should remove them only while eating and cleaning your teeth. 

Can a Small Gap in Your Front Teeth Return After Alignment?

It’s not a very common case that people need to have braces more than once in their life, but it can happen.

When it comes to what causes teeth gaps after a successful alignment, there are a few things to mention. One, teeth were aligned at a very young age, even before the jaw was completely formed. The other reason is that the wisdom teeth haven’t come out before having braces. These physical changes can lead to small gaps in the teeth, but such small gaps can be easily fixed with tooth bonding. The entire procedure doesn’t take more than one visit to the dentist.

If a significant misalignment has occurred, it’s likely you’ll need to wear braces again, but for a shorter time period because most of the teeth will be in the right place. Invisalign is a more discreet and more affordable option when it comes to these small fixes.

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