Five Ways to White Your Teeth Naturally At Home

3 years ago
Betty M Russ

In 2015, Americans spent about 11 billion dollars on teeth whitening. Of this amount, about $ 1.4 billion was spent on at-home teeth whitening products. Shocking? Well, everyone likes a brighter and a whiter smile. Now, most of the teeth whitening products used in the market have bleach in them. This can be of significant concern to many people.

Now, what if you want naturally white teeth without the use of any chemicals? How about trying some safe and natural methods of teeth whitening? Here, we will discuss some 100% safe Ways to White Your Teeth Naturally At Home

Indulge in oil pulling

The use of coconut oil pulling can help you eliminate the bacteria and the plaque from the mouth. Further, oil pulling also helps in teeth whitening. Thus, it is recommended to shop for top-quality, organic oil. It can be easily accessible online and has no harmful ingredients in it.

You need about one to two teaspoons of liquid coconut oil. Typically, you can take any other oil too, but coconut oil is what most people prefer. Now, swish about one to two teaspoon of the oil in your mouth. Keep on doing this for about 15 minutes to a half-hour. It would be best if you did not let this oil touch your throat’s back. Further, do not swallow the oil too. Why? After you swish the oil in your mouth, it has all the bacteria from your mouth.

So, when you swallow, you tend to take in the bacteria from your mouth. So, you have to spit this in a wastepaper basket or your toilet to prevent the drain clogging. Next, you need to rinse your mouth with clean water. Follow it up with a glass full of water. Lastly, brush your teeth regularly.

In 2015, a study was formally conducted to understand the impact of oil pulling. As part of this study, sunflower oil and sesame oil was used. So, as a conclusion to the study, it was found that oil pulling leads to teeth whitening as the plaque build-up comes off, which is primarily responsible for the teeth’ yellowing. Further, oil pulling also lowers the risk of gingivitis, which is caused by plaque build-up.

‘I have never had yellow teeth, and I do not know if I could give credit to oil pulling for that, but this is something we have been doing ever since we were kids. My granddad is from India, and he said this was an at-home tradition for keeping the teeth white. To date, my family and I practice this every day,’ shares Mathew, a reviewer who recently did the best hair clipper oil review.

Making some dietary changes

There are certain foods, which are known to cause yellowing of the teeth. So, eliminating them from the diet can help prevent staining. There are certain foods and beverages, which have tannins, such as tea and wine. These can stain your white teeth. Juices, dark sodas, and coffee, too, can lead to teeth staining.

Further, acidic foods also make the teeth look yellow. They wear the enamel. Anyone who is bothered by the teeth’ yellowing must avoid excessive citrus consumption, soda, and coffee. Further, after consumption of these foods and beverages, you should brush your teeth.

More so, acids tend to weaken your enamel. Thus, it would help if you waited before you brush your teeth. If you brush too soon, it can weaken the enamel and cause further damage.

‘In my case, smoking was responsible for the yellowing of my teeth. So, my dentist told me to quit smoking, and it has not reversed the damage, but it has curtailed it. I have started oil pulling in combination with smoking cessation. Hopefully, will see an impact soon,’ shares Jessica, an online reviewer who did the Kohler persuade toilet review.

We agree with Jessica on this. It is the nicotine in smoking and any other tobacco product, which can cause teeth, stains. Further, nicotine also prevents tooth decay and other gum diseases. These both can lead to enamel damage and further cause oral health issues.

Lemon or Orange Peels

Citrus fruits, such as lemon and oranges, also help in teeth whitening. In addition to their regular consumption, you can use lemon and orange peels on the teeth. However, make sure you rinse your mouth a few times before applying these peels to your teeth.

‘I use both Apple cider vinegar and orange peels alternatively for natural at-home teeth whitening, and the results are brilliant,’ comments Sonya, who has prominent reviews like the best fertilizers for orchid trees to her credit.

Consume fruit and vegetable-rich diet

Vegetables and fruits tend to peel off the plaque stuck to your teeth when you chew them. Of course, you cannot use them as a replacement for brushing your teeth, but they are a wholesome remedy and gives exceptional results over time. More so, vegetables and fruits are also beneficial for your overall health. Hence, it is a superb win-win situation.

‘I consume strawberry and pineapple as recommended by my dentist, and they have helped me whiten my teeth,’ comments Nathaniel, an associate who offers online CDR report writing services.

Well, yes, there is scientific reasoning to that. Pineapples have bromelain in them. It is an enzyme that removes the teeth stains and can help with your overall teeth whitening.

On the other hand, strawberries have malic acid in them. These allow you to get rid of discoloration of the teeth and leave you with whitened teeth.

Use hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is mild bleach. It can also help you overcome the teeth stains. For optimal whitening, you can try brushing your teeth white a baking soda and hydrogen peroxide mix for about one-two minutes two times a week.

Since it can be a little strong, you should do this only occasionally. The problem is hydrogen peroxide heightens tooth sensitivity. Thus, it is not recommended for long-term usage. Alternatively, you can also still get a professional opinion on how to care for your smile with the dentist in clifton if you are interested in other cosmetic dentistry procedures too.

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