How to Detect Windows 10 on Other screen?

4 years ago

Working with a two-display setup helps multitask more efficiently. Graphic artists, webmasters, and designers prefer this to minimize a window or use the alt tab too often to switch applications. However, there are cases when an expansion screen connected to the computer stopped working or was not detected.

Do not panic. You can solve Windows 10 can not detect other screen problems in just a few steps.
The problem can be either hardware or software related. Although your first guess may be that your screen is damaged. But that is not always the case.

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Try updating the driver, if not, reinstall it

You may experience a Driver Problem when Windows 10 cannot detect the other screen. So before you disconnect and troubleshoot the hardware part, check the display settings. See if you get a red letter about the missing screen, like this.

How to Detect Windows 10 on Other screen?

Fix software issues first. To do this, search for Device Manager on Cortana and click to open it. Once in the Device Manager window, click the on-screen adapter menu. To ensure that you do not have problems due to an outdated driver, right-click the on-screen driver, and then click the update driver on the left.

How to Detect Windows 10 on Other screen?

After updating the driver, restart the computer. Make sure all cables are securely fastened while the computer restarts. If the problem persists after restarting, return to device management. Right-click the driver, click Uninstall, and then restart the computer. This usually fixes a driver issue.

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Other people will do the opposite, uninstall the driver before updating it. Either way, you should be able to solve the problem. But if the problem is somewhere else, do not just give up, read on and do the other troubleshooting steps.

Check display settings

There are cases when Windows 10 itself does not detect the second screen due to settings that need to be changed manually. If this is the case, type either desk.cpl or the word View on Cortana. Go to the ” Multiple monitors ” section and click ” detect ” To get the OS to detect the wired or wireless display.

How to Detect Windows 10 on Other screen?


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How to Detect Windows 10 on Other screen?

Troubleshoot hardware

If all else fails, check the hardware and perform a series of steps that may seem tedious and redundant. But believe me, it would do you great good if you finish troubleshooting all related parts. There is a possibility that the screen is not the only one that does not work.
If you use similar cable connectors for both monitors, you can easily check the usability of the cable and monitor. You can temporarily remove a screen and check its functionality. Then replace it with the other with the same cable. If both work, check with the other cable. However, if you use USB connectors, you can also check all ports to see if any of the ports are dead.
If you use different connectors such as a VGA and an HDMI, you can only check one monitor at a time. Check the functionality of each monitor with a different set of cables. Let’s say the VGA port does not work, you may want to find a VGA to USB or VGA to DVI adapter. if the ports are available on your video cards.

However, although there are HDMI to USB adapters in the market, there may be other issues like degraded or no audio, as the quality of video and audio can change in the socket. In any case, it should help you get the two displays back. If you have other ideas that you can share, just comment. Enjoy the layout for several screens!

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