Crowds of adult fans of “blue” are multiplying on the Internet

10 months ago

Family anthropomorphic dogs sit by the window in a cafe when the mother asks, “Can we bring the bill, please?” Her eldest child, drawing with a green pencil on a sheet of paper, parrot-like repeats the request in the song: “Oooooh! Can we get beee-ll? The baby’s father tells her to use her “inner voice”. He asks if the youngest child is going to finish his last crisp. Mother says no. The father is eating. The baby of the family asks, “Hey! Where is my chip?

This 14 second video has 14.9 million TikTok views. Although it was cut from the episode Bluey, an animated show aimed at preschoolers, the comments section shows that it has captivated fans far beyond its target audience. “My favorite children’s show. I’m 29,” reads the comment, which has nearly 7,000 likes. Another commenter, writing passionately in capital letters, “I WILL LITERALLY GO TO MY LITTLE CUSNS’ HOUSE JUST TO HAVE AN OFFER TO WATCH BLUEY.”

Bluey premiered in October 2018 in Australia, and in 2020 it was made available internationally for the first time on Disney+. At first glance, it looks like many other children’s shows: it’s about a family of blue healers and the adventures of their eldest daughter, 6-year-old Bluey. But the program won an Emmy and was praised by critics for its unique portrayal of family life. Bluey’s father, Bandit, is involved, imaginative and not afraid to play with his children. (As an apology for eating his daughter’s last chip, Bandit lets her put him into “dance mode” in public.)

Not surprisingly, non-three-year-olds are the show’s biggest fans. Parents have sang his praises via the internet and BlueyThe creator gave an interview New York Times. As a result, the childless adults humbled themselves and built a growing online fandom. Official Bluey TikTok has 1.6 million followers. Every week, new accounts appear on the app that steal entire episodes of the show. Bluey subreddit has 77,000 subscribers, and facebook group for “adults” Bluey fans” has 174,000 subscribers.

“I learned about Bluey through TikTok clips,” says Darby Rose, a childless 19-year-old from England whose For You page was inundated with clips from the show last year. Rose was drawn to the show for its positive portrayal of family life. “Like many Bluey fans, I didn’t have a good childhood. I experienced a lot of bullying,” says Rose, “I think what attracted me most to Bluey there was an emotional connection with the characters, seeing how a family should love and respect each other.”

Rose enjoys visiting Bluey subreddit and see people’s fan art, especially the cakes they’ve baked. She supports other fans via Reddit because “I love it when people know it’s okay to watch a show meant for kids.”

Because it’s the internet, some people not I think it’s ok. TikTok users make fun of adults Bluey fans fight kids to get their hands on plush toys, while others fear the fandom damaged adult fans who create content about the show that is inappropriate for children (as well as “bronies”, adult male fans My little pony, done in the past). Giulia Sotto, 26-year-old translator, TV presenter and Bluey A fan from Argentina says, “Fandoms tend to push things to the limit.”


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