Consulting – It is the Mindful One

4 years ago

Consulting – It is the Mindful One

Not long ago, my husband said something to me that has stuck with me. The attitude he was referring to was a very Zen, deep and reflective type of clarity. I understand what he was saying and I will share with you the benefits from these.

“Consulting has to be 100% about people. It’s the only way to do consulting properly.

My consulting has to be deep and reflective. People say things that are related to how they are feeling in their mind at the time of speaking. If they don’t think they’re a genius or awesome, it doesn’t matter. You can’t measure what is really meant by how good they are thinking.

Deep consulting means learning everything you can about your client. If they are doing well or bad. If they’re angry or sad. All these things can be studied so that you are able to see the value of every consulting assignment.

You can learn from your clients. You can even challenge them. If they ask for more money in consulting, you can actually take it to the next level. This is the aspect that makes consulting so powerful. Because it can go up and down depending on the client.

When consulting, you have to go deep. How can you do this? Well, you have to make it personal. You can’t just use the accounting or executive coaching methods.

You have to learn about your people. You have to make the clients feel part of the process. They can be the best marketing team you have, but if the consultant is completely blind, you are not going to be effective.

The last thing you need to realize about consulting is that it has to have a non-financial aspect to it. So many people are so far removed from the problems of the world that they are unable to see how much money it would save to change.

Most of the time, they are so close to the problems that they can’t imagine how to solve them. They only look at the solutions and they are completely blind to the problems that exist.

My consulting should go with a no-nonsense approach. In addition, you should make sure that you’re spending your time really concentrating on how to improve the client’s situation. As you can see, this is what consulting is about.

Of course, it also goes to show that consulting isn’t just about dreaming up new ideas, but having them put into action. You have to make sure that you are getting the job done in the end and that the client is happy.

When I do consult, I always tell my people that consulting is all about people. You can’t ignore that fact and expect the result to be any different. The same applies to large consulting companies.

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