Cashless Shopping – Facial Payment Technology

4 years ago

What is Facial Payment Technology

Facial Payment Technology is an alternate of paying your Bills at the shopping counter. This Amazing Technology will change the way how shoppers Spend their money. Customer Now has to smile only to pay the bill.

Smile Pays the Bills ūüôā

Facial Technology Benefits

Facial Payment Technology means carrying No cash, no cards, no wallet, and no smartphones, This allows shoppers to have no fear of getting robbed of their money. Many Shoppers Took Twitter To Express their Feeling of this amazing Facial Payment Feature.

Cashless Shopping - Facial Payment Technology

Smart Payment, NFC Payment, Wifi Payment and even QR Code payment is now Old School Old Fashioned Technology, Facial Payment Technology is a new thing in the market. Most of the developed countries use Smart Payment modes, Shoppers don’t like to carry cash on them instead they use new ways of payments. This new facial payment technology only requires face recognition.

Cashless Shopping - Facial Payment Technology

Facial Payment Technology Covers all angle of your face, Front Profile, Side Profile, Face structure, partially obscured and blurry images too. Shoppers in China are very happy with this Latest Facial Payment Technology.

I Love Shopping. Now i dont have to Carry heavy bag or Cash with me all the time. My face is my Money. Thanks to Facial Payment Technology.

A Chinese Shopper Statment

This Latest Facial Payment Technology will soon be available in a shopping mall all over the world. In expo 2020 UAE, This system will be introduced in UAE for shoppers to experience the new way of paying for their bill. Iris and Face Recognition is already widely used technology which is very Similar to Facial Payment Technology.

Cashless Shopping - Facial Payment Technology

Paying bills by facial payment technology requires face recognition services. This service is widely used in chine already. This not only allows users to shop hassle-free but provides data to authorities to identify the thief, Scammers and Robbers.

Smile to Pay Facial Payment Technology

Alipay is a giant in the eCommerce field is already using this service. Alipay says that this service will hit the market very hard and soon most of the users will use this Facial Payment technology using the small pos devices, and for online payment, shoppers will be able to pay using their mobile front cam linked with their facial payment technology feature.

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