Where Can I Find Cheap Apartments In Chicago?

4 years ago

There are a little less than a hundred neighborhoods in Chicago, each with its unique environment and set of people. This is why Chicago, with over a hundred years of interesting history, has become one of the most diverse states. This is why finding the least expensive apartments isn’t that difficult. And of course, there are a lot of new apartment buildings in Chicago that you might not know of yet. So here are some of the most affordable neighborhoods where you might find the apartment of your liking.

West Ridge

You will easily find one-bedroom apartments here in West Devon since there are so many single-family homes here. One of the most interesting locations here is Little India. Located along the strip of West Devon, Little India is quite a vibrant community. It is mostly populated by Indians and Pakistanis. So needless to say you’ll find a lot of exotic restaurants and bakeries here. You will also get to see lively festivals because of their multi-cultural communion.


You might hear the locals using the words “North Austin” and “South Austin”, but actually this just one giant neighborhood. Living here you won’t face any issues accessing the Oak Park suburbs. Commuting is pretty convenient because the public transit and Metro stops saturate the place. you can find the most amount of shops on Lake Street and Madison Street. A typical single bedroom apartment can be more or less 950$ per month in Austin.

South Shore

South Shore is located south of Woodlawn and Hyde Park. It is also very near to Lake Michigan and Rainbow Beach. The Stony Island Arts Bank isn’t very far either. You can find also find a 65 acres park South Shore Cultural Center which includes a golf course and tennis court among other things. Because of its proximity to the University of Chicago, the rent seems to be a little high. A single-bedroom can cost around 1,150$ per month.

South Chicago

South Chicago is situated a bit more to the south from South Shore. The main attraction here is the Steelworkers Park. The rent here is probably the cheapest in Chicago. You can find one-bedroom apartments at 800$ per month. So if you are in a tight spot, this might a good location.

Buena Park

You will see many historic homes near Buena Park, as the George Maher mansions. The neighborhood here is quiet but very active through their very own website. The website is membership based and through it, everyone is informed of upcoming events and locals news, and the likes. You will find single-bedroom apartments here in Buena Park for more or less 1,300$ per month.


Its true that the rents vary drastically depending on the neighborhood. If you look closer then you’ll notice why this fluctuation occurs. If you are considering moving to Chicago, then one thing is for sure that you won’t be running out of places to look into. The folks here are very amicable and will help you through this.

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