How BlackBerry Stays Relevant in the Age of the iPhone (Blackberry Over Iphone)

5 years ago

Blackberry over Iphone

There is no better in the two… both are made for a very different consumer demographic. Iphone is made for the avergae joe who also happens to have some cash in his pockets. BlackBerry happens to be for strictly work purposes for the corporate typhoon who is always on the move but even that corporate genius needs an iphone for personal use.

How BlackBerry Stays Relevant in the Age of the iPhone (Blackberry Over Iphone)

When you say Blackberry over Iphone, Both are very similar in terms of their social value both are considered status symbols The iphone is good for gaming, photography, social media and apps for most of your entertainment needs, phones don’t get much better than the iPhone.

The BlackBerry has some of the best call quality on any phone, the BlackBerry has antennas for signal reception that can make the difference between being able to make a phone call in the remotest area and being unable to do the same. 


“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” Blackberry


The BlackBerry also has some of the best emailing capabilities and texting capabilities due to its best in world smartphone keyboard they make the worlds best physical and virtual keyboards the are excellent for document making and editing and are one of the most secure phones on the planet to the point that barrack obama uses them for work related things they are trusted by the us govt for things as sensitive as military uses.

Now read the above answer again… if you fit in the iphone demographic then iphonw is the best… if you are in the BlackBerry demographic then BlackBerry is the best

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

How BlackBerry Stays Relevant in the Age of the iPhone (Blackberry Over Iphone)

The two are targeted towards two very different groups. The blackberry is for people who want to get shit done,( for example businessmen or writers etc.) And the iPhone is targeted towards the average Joe. People who is their phones like the most of us do social networking​, internet browsing, calling and some other stuff.

That being said, performance wise(although it’s unfair to compare them) the iPhones perform much better than the blackberrys(referring to the blackberry KeyONE)

So, Blackberry Over Iphone Discussion will Land no where, take your needs into consideration and then choose a phone that suits them the best.


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