Best Eero Wi-Fi Mesh Routers (2023): Eero 6, 6+, Pro 6 and more tips

1 year ago

Using the Eero grid system without Ero Plus Subscription limits you to a basic set of options. You can schedule Wi-Fi downtime, set up a guest network, and use Eero as the center of your smart home. That might be enough for most, but here’s what you get if you subscribe. First, it’s worth noting that Eero used to offer a two-tier subscription. Eero Secure cost $3/month or $30/year and included advanced security, content filtering, ad blocking, activity analysis, and VIP support. Eero Secure+ cost $10/month or $100/year and added third-party apps 1Password (password manager), (VPN), and Malwarebytes (antivirus), as well as DDNS for dial-up networking.

Some ISPs still offer Eero Secure, but for everyone else, rebranding is the only option. Eero Plus, which includes everything listed above for $10/month or $100/year. The subscription also now includes online backup, allowing you to add secondary backup networks (alternate Wi-Fi connections or hotspots) that the system can use if your primary Wi-Fi network fails.

The Eero Plus is relatively expensive, given that features like parental controls and real-time security are often provided for free by router makers like Asus and Linksys. If you want bundled apps, the Eero Plus might be worth it, but even if it’s the only way to get the best Eero experience, the high cost is hard to justify. Luckily, in keeping with the spirit of the brand, everything is very easy to use and the parental controls are one of the best. Keep an eye out for frequent discount offers. If you think the subscription price is too high, we suggest you choose another grid system.

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