Apple is testing a touchscreen MacBook

4 weeks ago

After several years having said it would never put a touchscreen on a laptop, Apple may now be planning to do just that. AND report Mark Gurman Bloomberg claims that Apple is testing touchscreen technology on some of its MacBooks. The information is based on leaks from the company, so touchscreen Macs are not a reliable thing, and even if they were, these computers will not appear until 2025. Apple may also cancel these plans entirely as it often tests and scraps them. ideas for changing their products.

The company has long balked at putting a touchscreen on the MacBook, citing ergonomic issues, such as your hand wearing out after a while pressing the vertical touchscreen. The company was also hesitant to bring touch features to MacBooks because they have a whole line of finger gesture products, the iPad. So the fact that Apple is considering touch screens for MacBooks is worth noting. Apple has been steadily merging the functionality of the MacBook and iPad, with many crossovers in both software and hardware components between platforms. The presence of touchscreens on both devices could further blur those lines.

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Samsung sets an unboxing date

Samsung has announced the date of its next Galaxy Unpacked Hardware Eventand it’s less than a month away. Unboxing will be February 1st at 10:00 AM PT. For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic era, the event will be held in San Francisco, California.

Samsung hasn’t indicated what it will announce, though the event usually sees the company unveil its new Galaxy phones. The Galaxy S23 is expected this year. There may also be news about other accessories or wearables. We could see folding device too, although Samsung may just announce a foldable model later this year.

Xbox Power Play

Shh, time for your Xbox to sleep. Microsoft is coming out update to their Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, which will automatically switch their power settings back to default to shut down completely instead of staying in rest mode. The company says the move is aimed at reducing the console’s power consumption as it continues to consume power when idle.

Microsoft released an update last year to make Windows PCs more energy efficient, and now some of those changes are rolling out to the XBox as well. Similar to PC settings, XBox loads game files based on how much power is being used on the power grid. The goal is to use energy to download games when the network is not busy during peak hours.

Microsoft says this is a one-time update and you can change any of these features in your console settings.

Deer John

It used to be that if you bought something, you could do whatever you wanted with it. You buy a tractor for, say, your farm, and you can put new parts into it or fix it yourself if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, sometimes the companies that make your technology want to retain control of their devices even after you’ve purchased them.

John Deere, an agricultural equipment company, has been hit hard by this in recent years. The company makes its hardware and software proprietary and often requires customers to contact John Deere official channels for equipment upgrades and repairs. This upset the farmers and they tried to harass the company in every possible way, from hacking to lawsuits. A new memorandum issued by John Deere eased tensions somewhat, but the issue of maintainability remains unresolved.

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