5 Motorcycle Upgrades You Can Do Yourself

2 years ago

You don’t have to hire a professional to upgrade your motorcycle. There are lots of things you can do to improve handling and comfort, even if you don’t have a lot of experience working on motorcycles. If you follow the directions in your user manual and buy the necessary tools, you can change just about everything about your motorcycle without buying a new model. Consider making these upgrades to build the ultimate riding machine:

Body Protection

Nothing could be more precious than your sweet ride, so consider adding body protection to the frame of your motorcycle. There’s a million ways to drop or crash your motorcycle and these plates will give you some extra peace of mind. Hitting the brakes too hard too fast and riding slowly with the handlebars turned will cause your motorcycle to drop to one side, and you’ll need to use your strength to stop it from falling over.

You can add plates to the tank, axles/wheels, frame, and other sensitive/exposed areas of your bike. Look for options that don’t require you to cut a hole into your frame. You should be able to use the OEM’s mounting points for easy installation.

Use a Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset When Upgrading Your Bike

Add a Bluetooth Headset to Your Helmet

The road can be a lonely place when you don’t have a way to communicate on your motorcycle. You have to pull over to use your phone or talk to the other riders around you, which is less than ideal when you’re riding in a group.

Use a helmet communication system to keep in touch with your loved ones or call for help in an emergency. Just attach the receiver onto your helmet using the included clip. To connect the device to your phone or GPS, look for the “Connected Devices” option in the settings. Turn on the headset and it should appear on the list of available devices. Add the headset to your list of connected devices to stream music while riding or to call for help in an emergency. You can also sync up to other riders if they have Bluetooth headsets as well.

The receiver should be near your mouth without obstructing your view. You’ll need to use a half helmet Bluetooth headset if you are using a skull cap instead of a full-face helmet.

Use a Half Helmet Bluetooth Headset When Using a Skull Cap

Tank Pads

If you’ve ever had trouble getting a hold of your motorcycle because your legs keep slipping off the tank, you’re not alone. That’s why riders add tank pads and skins around the areas where their bodies interact the most with the bike. These thin, textured pads are made with a transparent film that will protect the upper portion of your fuel tank, while giving you a grip on the bike, so you don’t have to use your arms to keep yourself up. Many pads use adhesives to stick to the surface of the bike. Just apply the pad to the target area to feel more in control every time you ride.

Upgrade Your Ride with Motorcycle Communication

LED Headlights

Visibility can be a challenge for a lot of motorcyclists, considering these vehicles only have one headlight instead of two. If you tend to drive in rural areas at night or off road, consider swapping out your factory bulb for an LED headlamp to see more of your surroundings. These bulbs offer improved low beam and high beam settings to help you stand out in dark settings. It should be DOT approved and the kit should come with everything you need to install the lamps, including screws and fitments.

Mount Your Device

We all need to look at the directions from time to time. If you need to access your device while you’re riding, mount it to the handlebars using a smartphone mount. You should be able to install it using the included screws and a screwdriver. The holder should come with an adjustable bar that’s compatible with all your mobile devices. This makes it easy to connect your phone to a motorcycle communication system. Keep your device in view without obstructing your view of the road.

Add these upgrades to your to-do list to get the most from your ride every time you get behind the wheel.

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