19 everyday products made from recycled materials (2023): chargers, watches, toys

1 year ago

People weren’t kind to the planet. Climate change is out of control and microplastics are poisoning our oceans. But even as we try to shrink our footprint, we still need to wear shoes and clothes, and drive occasionally. So it’s important that we all make sustainable choices to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and slow down the spread of plastic waste. Fortunately, some companies have figured out how to use this waste to make new products.

Here we have highlighted some of our favorite companies and products that make these solutions. little Take it easy. From portable chargers to yoga mats, you can shop for everything you need knowing you’re doing your own thing. We also have guides to the best recycled bags and the best recycled clothing.

Update January 2023: We’ve added a compostable Qalo ring. We’ve also created a new recycled clothing guide and removed these collections from it.

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