15 Best Samsung Galaxy S23 (2023) Cases & Accessories: Chargers, Cables & Screen Protectors

1 year ago

$72 Casetify Impact Case: Casetify cases are fun because there are a bewildering number of designs to choose from. (Look at this with cat!) I’m not a big fan of the Casetify brand on the camera module, but maybe I’m just not trendy enough. I found the S Pen a bit difficult to access (I have a bad habit of biting my nails, so this may not be an issue for you). Otherwise, these are excellent cases; it’s just hard to justify the absurdly high price.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid OneTap Ring Case for $23: This is one of the cheapest MagSafe cases, but it’s only available for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The magnetic connection is pretty strong – it connected to my MagSafe wireless charger without a problem – but I’m not a big fan of how the polycarbonate material looks.

$16 Spigen LCD Case: This is a durable silicone case with a fun design to choose from (or you can choose the fully transparent version). I just don’t like that the buttons make a sound and feel soft when pressed.

$17 Spigen Rugged Armor Case: It’s not pretty at all, maybe harmless at best. It doesn’t feel extremely durable, but otherwise it’s a good case with responsive buttons.

$45 Speck Presidio Grip 2 Case: This case has grippy edges not unlike the Incipio Grip above and is really nice to hold. Unfortunately, the buttons take some effort to press.

$40 Speck Presidio Perfect-Clear Case: Be careful when putting on this case, otherwise the buttons will stick out in a strange way. By the way, I do not like the buttons – they require a little more effort than in many cases described above. That said, the S Pen is very affordable and is otherwise a solid see-through body.

$55 Trainer Protective Case: I actually really like this partially transparent case (also available for S23+ And S23 Ultra). The material is pleasant to the touch, stylish floral design and good protection around the edges of the screen. I just don’t know why it says “Made in China” in large print on the side. Tsk tsk.

$55 Kate Spade Protective Hard Case: Here is another nice clear case with some fun designs to choose from. I especially like the white lines that run along the edges of the case. The only drawback is the S Pen on S23 Ultra version not the easiest access. It is also available for S23+.

Smart Wallet Killer Vol. 1 for $25: If you want to carry multiple credit cards (or ID) with you instead of a wallet or purse, this case from Smartish is perfect. It holds about three cards and you can use the slot on the left to pop them out. They hold on there pretty well – it took some Really vigorous shaking for almost a minute to keep the cards close to the exit. The only problems? The buttons are a little hard to press, are bulky, and completely block wireless charging options.

$50 UAG Pathfinder Case: Great in camouflage? Then this is your case! It fits the bill with grippy sides, a comfortable S Pen, and buttons that are easy to press. I just don’t think it’s as durable as the brand suggests.

$40 UAG Plyo Clear Case: I am not a fan additional The UAG design is added to this transparent case, but otherwise it feels nice to the touch, has solid buttons, and has Plyo Pro Version ($50) for S23 Ultra which adds MagSafe support.

$80 UAG Monarch Pro MagSafe Case: It’s a bit pricey even though it has MagSafe support for use with third party MagSafe accessories. The industrial design isn’t too flashy, and it works great with good edge protection around the screen. The S Pen is easily accessible on Model S23 Ultra.

$45 UAG Plasma Case: I don’t know why you would want a case like this, but if the design doesn’t offend you, the only downside I’ve found is that the buttons take a bit of pressure to push.

$50 UAG civilian case: If you’re not put off by the giant UAG logo in the center, this is an attractive and simple body with a pleasing color scheme. I like the extra grip around the bumper, although the buttons are a bit tight. I had a hard time getting the S Pen back into its body, although this might only be a problem for rodents. It is also available for S23+ And S23 Ultra.

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