15 Best Offers for Presidents Day (2023)

1 year ago

This weekend Presidents Day, and singer Leslie Gore famously said, “Today is George Washington’s birthday and you can save if you want.” (Perhaps we paraphrased.) America loves discount holidays, and the last one has arrived. We’ve researched the sales and highlighted below the best deals for Presidents’ Day. You can save on our favorite wireless chargers, review-approved headphones and the best fitness trackers. This is probably exactly what George would like for his birthday.

Now is a great time to buy mattresses. Check out our Best Presidential Mattress Deals post for discounted recommendations. Don’t see anything you like? Perhaps check out our Best Wireless Chargers or Best Portable Drives reviews.

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Offers on phone, tablet and headphones

Anker MagGo 633 Wireless Charging Cradle.

Photo: Anker

The Anker MagGo 633 features in several of our buying guides, including our list of the best MagSafe accessories and our list of the best portable chargers. This is an ingenious little gadget. The wireless charging stand serves as a good home base for charging compatible iPhones and AirPods. When you’re on the go, you can slide the wireless charger up and off the cradle – it doubles as a portable power bank. We track the prices of the products we recommend and this deal is only $5 higher than the best price we’ve seen for it.

This deal matches the lowest price we’ve seen for our beloved Android smartphone. The Pixel 6A (8/10, recommends WIRED) goes on sale often, but it delivers incredible value even at full price. It’s hard to find the best cheap phone (or the best Android phone in general).

This is the best deal we’ve seen for the second generation AirPods Pro (9/10, recommends WIRED). It’s been around for a few weeks now, but the price is still nice. There are many great headphones on the market, but they are indispensable for people who use an iPhone. They are comfortable, sound fantastic, and pair perfectly with Apple devices.

Moft makes some of our favorite accessories for phones, tablets and desktops, and select items are 15% off. on your website until March 6th. Moft’s origami-inspired folding solutions are compact, eye-catching and ingenious. This table mat is one of our favorite laptop stands and it can balance both laptop and phone. It also has two built-in NFC hotspots and the most comfortable wrist rest product author Medea Giordano has ever tried.

It’s not the latest model, but the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 (9/10, WIRED recommends) are still a great pair of headphones. This is especially true for people who use Android phones. Sound quality and comfort are top notch, and they’re available in a wide range of fun colors.

Smart home and computer offers

Roborock Q5 robot vacuum cleaner and smartphone

Robot vacuum cleaner Roborock Q5+.

Photo: Roborock

It goes on sale relatively often and we’ve seen it drop another $20 in the past, but we still think it’s a decent price for our beloved robot vacuum. Q5+ is absolutely reliable. He will even empty his own wastebasket.

We haven’t tested many of TP-Link’s smart home products since they hit the US last year, but the company makes some of our favorite routers and smart switches. Some of her products discount 38%. To find out more, check out other options in our roundup of the best smart light bulbs.

The Echo Show 8 is a great smart display. It’s the middle kid in the lineup, sized and big enough to keep weather updates and recipes legible, but not big enough to take up more space than it deserves. Learn more about it in our guides to the best smart displays and the best Alexa speakers.

Stream Deck can do more than just manage streaming settings. From running scripts to controlling smart home gadgets, we have a guide on how to be more productive with this device. This deal matches one of the lowest prices we’ve seen.

This is the latest version of the SSD we recommend in our guide to the best portable hard drives. This is now the lowest price we have tracked since its release. The rugged housing means your digital media will be protected from wind, rain, dust, snow and any other environmental hazards. The internals are fast too, and security features are built in.

We highlight this device in our list of the best flash drives as a beautiful and compact device. The drive is so small that you can keep it plugged in all the time without worry. Don’t let the size fool you – this drive still packs a punch. We also like the built-in key loop.

Fitness and outdoor offerings

Fitbit Inspire 3 in front of a mirror

Fitness tracker Fitbit Inspire 3.

Photo: Fitbit

It dropped to $70 during Black Friday, so there’s a chance this tracker will get cheaper in the future. However, if you are in the market now, this best budget fitness tracker on sale. It’s simple and relatively straight forward, and the design, which is often imitated, is attractive. If you don’t need a bunch of bells and whistles, but you do need to track your exercise and sleep, this is a reliable option.

This is the original version of one of Garmin’s most popular watch lines. Although there have been a few updates since then, review editor Adrienne So still owns and uses Instinct, and updated versions of it are in our guide to the best fitness trackers.

February is still quite chilly in many parts of the world, and now is the perfect time to stock up on discounted past seasonal outdoor gear. Favorite WIRED REI currently has many deals on 60% discount or more. We put the Microdini hoodie on this year’s wishlist because of the combination of two of Patagonia’s favorite fabrics: durable Houdini nylon and Micro D recycled fleece. children’s version ($53) is.

This is a convenient purchase for those who often visit nature. The deal is valid for both orange and blue colors. This simple fanny pack folds into a tiny pouch when not in use. You can sign up for the bonus program to get free shipping.

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