We need to talk about your stove

10 months ago

gas stoves so hot now. A recent report found that emissions from gas hobs are exacerbating both the environmental crisis and the health of the people who use them. This knowledge has sparked a heated cultural debate in the United States. Some people are in favor of ditching gas stoves, while others argue that the government can snatch gas stoves from their cold (presumably because they stopped paying for gas) dead hands. While the controversy has flared up, the reality is that gas is a problematic energy source with many troubling issues. Reducing our reliance on appliances and the fossil fuels they consume will be a challenge.

This week at Gadget Lab, WIRED staff writer Amanda Hoover joins us to rekindle the gas stove debate and talk about what we can actually do to address the problems these old-school devices are causing.

Show notes

Read Amanda’s story about the culture wars of gas stoves.


Amanda recommends normal gossip podcast. Lauren recommends purchasing a short-term gym membership. Mike recommends audiobook Jack Kerouac Dharma Vagabonds Reading Ethan Hawke.

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