Egofit Walker Pro review: walking from home

1 year ago

If your TikTok FYP is somewhat similar to mine, you’ve seen a bunch of fit girls walking on mini treadmills at their desk. I’m here to tell you that they did everything right. Egofit Walker Pro my savior for working from home. With it, I went from a few, um, hundreds of steps on a typical day – from the bedroom to the kitchen to the office – it’s not quite a half marathon – to 14,000 or more.

I’ve never been to the gym, and I’ve never done sports at all. It never seemed to matter, but life caught up with me. So I’m committed to getting healthier with this treadmill, the Grow With Jo app, and a series of YouTube videos. Walking is a fantastic exercise. If you’re not trying to become a full Olympian, this is a good place to start.

Walk the line

The Walker Pro fits under my desk so I can take it out when I want to go for a walk and put it back in when I’m done. I use it in combination with Fully Cora Desktop Converter. (We have several other laptop stand options here.) The treadmill is light enough that I can move it from my office to my living room if I want to walk while watching TV, and there are front wheels to make the task easier.

A few years ago, I used a foldable stroller that brought a lot of joy to a WIRED writer. They are more expensive, anywhere from $200 to almost $700. Egofit is smaller in length but slightly thicker in height. only longer than the walking deck when folded. Any product works when you’re low on space, but I prefer the size of this one.

A 38-inch length will be helpful for some and a hindrance for others, especially those with particularly long strides. I didn’t have this problem. If anything, I could use an inch more width on each side to avoid chafing my thighs occasionally while hiking. Due to its compact size, the weight limit is 243 pounds.

For an additional $60, Walker Plus Egophyta includes removable handle. I haven’t tried this, but it might be worth the extra money if you plan to mostly walk away from the table. It’s good to have something to hold on to. With the handle attached, the speed also increases from 3.1 mph to 3.7 so you can jog.

Pro and Plus have a slight fixed slope. It’s not cool enough to build muscle, as in 12-3-30 training, but it makes walking a little harder than on a completely flat surface. The brand has completely flat treadmill if you prefer it.

Step by step

Photo: Egofit

Egofit can be controlled with the included remote control or the FitShow app (iOS, android). I prefer the simplicity of remote access, but the app has one big advantage: it saves your hard-earned data.

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