10 Greatest Explainer Videos and Animations

3 years ago
Betty M Russ

With the massive growth in businesses, many service-providing institutions have emerged. Electronic devices dealers, apparel printing companies, fabric designers, and appliances manufacturers- name it all. Something worth mentioning is the vast advancements that the video marketing industry has experienced. Thus, businesses are now turning to social media to campaign for their brands and companies. The turnout is excellent, with about half a billion people watching online video content daily. Recent studies unearthed that an average person spends at least one and half hours watching online video content daily. 

In getting customer attention, explainer videos are used. These are bite-sized video content of about one to two minutes that explain details about a product or service quickly and succinctly. This article shares a list of the ten most fantastic explainer videos and animations.

Don’t Fail Idaho “Turning Point.”

This is an animated explainer video that creates awareness of education. It gained so much popularity in 2020 because of several factors the designer out in place. The length is excellent; 1 minute and 44seconds long. This is a typical length for explainer videos. The graphic design is appealing to the eye, making it a must-watch. The continent is an emotionally attaching one as lots of children are dropping out of school. A great combination of soothing music and fast pace has been used. The mix is just what is needed for explainer videos, making Don’t Fail Idaho one of the most incredible explainer videos.


This is one of the explainer videos that attracted a high number of shares in 2020. The 2minutes and 50seconds video was designed in a way that it attracted a great audience. The video humorously makes fun of the contemporary tendency of duplicating old and clichéd footage in numerous campaigns. The cynical humor is done funnily but boldly. This was just what its creative audience needed, as demonstrated in the significant number of shares the video attracted over a short time. 


Tripcase explainer video is a short video lasting 1minute and 22seconds. It is one of the most incredible explainer videos of all time owing to its touching topic – travel. People worldwide enjoy traveling. Even so, traveling comes with handfuls of challenges like struggles, traffic, cancellations, and reservations. These challenges are what the Tripcase app tries to solve.


Energy is a necessity in all that we do. Whether we’re at home watching television or cooking, driving to work or college, or just walking, we spend energy. Consequently, energy and its demands attract large bills to your budget. Yet, shopping for energy is so complicated with so many companies in place and creating confusion. The 30second explainer video with the title HonestGorilla seeks to solve your energy problems. The touching topic is discussed and problem-solving techniques offered in the 30second video. That made HonestGorilla a great video.

Stephen Hawking’s big ideas… made simple

In creating explainer videos and animations, you do not have to dwell on marketing. A perfect example of such a video is the ‘Stephen Hawking’s big ideas… made simple’ video. The video is 2minutes and 43seconds long. It explains how the Earth and all that exists came to be in less than three minutes. Well, why is the video ranked as one of the greatest? Visually appealing graphics have been used, making viewers remain glued to the screen the whole time the video plays. Secondly, the length is perfect; it is neither too long nor too short. The topic in the video is also an exciting one-science.


Humor will remain a great tip in designing explainer videos. Notarize is one of the most fantastic explainer videos and gained popularity because of the appropriately used humor. Notarization is among the most boring topics on Earth but watching the Notarize explainer video, you stay glued to the screen. Additionally, incredible editing skills have been used; a dash of history has been applied alongside fabulous costume sprinkling. This makes the video watchable, shareable, and funny, although the topic is dry.

Microsoft Office 365 – Collaboration using Microsoft Whiteboard

Simplicity is at the core of success, and this applies to this Microsoft explainer animation. With a 30second length, the video provides an in-depth explanation of how you can benefit from installing Microsoft 365 Collaboration on your device. This is precisely what we need, especially now that we live in a technological world. The video emphasizes the advantages you stand to enjoy and stresses that you can collaborate with people from any part of the planet.

Wine Country Gift Baskets

This 1minute video drives home a wonderful message in a short runtime. ‘Appreciation is not for an occasion,’ the video says. It uses customer examples and appealing images to teach about appreciation and markets itself at the same time. The video uses products that sell themselves like chocolate, wine, gourmet coffee, and fresh-baked cookies. The use of these products attracts an audience since these are what we value and use occasionally. The video thus went viral following this excellent combination of skills.

Beyond Years

The 2minutes and 33second video capture interesting because of the hot topic of love that it is based on. With so many people viewing age difference as a hindrance to developing a healthy relationship, a game-changer is needed. That is what the Beyond Years video explainer provides. Few images are used, keeping the video clean and straightforward. The story is captivatingly told, yet quickly and succinctly. As a result of this and the fantastic imagery, the video remains one of the most incredible explainer videos.


Work is part of our lives and what brings sustenance to the table. Yet, work can be stressful because of the so many activities that come with it. The 53second explainer video hints at how to tackle this relatable situation. In the video, appealing graphic designs have been used. With the animated character and several color usage, its audience is glued to the screen for the whole 53seconds. Slack believes that actions speak louder than words, and so no spoken words are added to the video. All there is are actions.


In promoting video marketing, explainer videos and animations have proved so helpful. These are short videos of one to two minutes that provide explanations about products or services quickly but succinctly. In the list of the ten most excellent explainer videos and animations, the following stood out: Don’t Fail Idaho “Turning Point,” Dissolve, Tripcase, HonestGorilla, Notarize, Stephen Hawking’s big ideas… made simple, Microsoft Office 365 – Collaboration using Microsoft Whiteboard, Wine Country Gift Baskets, Beyond Years, and Slack. You can look up these videos and get ideas on what explainer videos and animations look like. Learn more about explainer videos and be sure of fruitful marketing.

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