How to Create Attractive Facebook Cover Video for Business Page

Facebook Cover Video

How to Create Attractive Facebook Cover Video for Business Page

Before Going in Detail about Facebook Cover Video lets take a quick read about facebook. Facebook is the Number 1 Social media platform with over 100 Billion users. It has engaged the whole world with its fast and attractive features. One of the best Feature if Facebook is a Facebook Business Page.

How to Create Attractive Facebook Cover Video for Business Page

You can ask here what is the Facebook page before Explaining Facebook Cover Video Let us Explain the Facebook Page.

Facebook Cover video is only available in Fan Pages not on any user account. A facebook page Mostly known as a fan page is the public profile of any business, personality, celebrity, Brans and organization. Where facebook profile or a user need friends to get more fame, A facebook page needs likes and followers.

Your Facebook Page cover is the first thing which a user interacts with. Before Facebook Cover video there was a Cover banner which was very much in use but since this feature is introduced lately. Most of the facebook fan pages admins using the facebook cover video to get more attention from the visitor. You can also use Gif or your products but Facebook cover video always gather more views than an Animated Gif or A Still Image.

The Facebook cover video has specific specs which we will discuss in detail But if you don’t know much about video editing then use Biteable template on facebook for free of use. But again having original video is always advisable.

But before you do, here’s everything you need to know about setting up your Facebook cover video and getting those all-important technical details right.

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Facebook cover video Specs in Detail

The best thing about facebook cover video is that your facebook cover video is public anyone who visits your facebook page can see your Facebook Cover video. We advise you to your latest video explaining your business as a cover video on facebook.

Not every Video is suitable for the Facebook cover video you have to have a video with these specs mentioned below.

  • Size: Don’t use the big file for facebook cover video. Your Visitors may have a slow internet speed. It’s best to choose a file size that isn’t too large so users with slower browsing speeds can view your video easily.
  • Dimensions:  As per facebook policies the facebook cover video dimensions should be least 820 x 312 pixels. For optimal results, add a video that’s 820 x 462 pixels.
How to Create Attractive Facebook Cover Video for Business Page

  • Aspect Ratio: Don’t worry about resizing the video aspect as you upload the facebook Cover video it will automatically resize it to recommended ration which is 16:9
  • Mobile Pixel: Facebook also have a mobile app version of it. The sides of the cover are cut off, making it 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall. make sure you set your text and offers in the centre of the Facebook cover video.
  • Format for Facebook Cover video: any video format with good resolution 1080p is ok for facebook cover video.
  • Video Length: Ideally, your Facebook cover video length should be between 20-90 seconds. Make it a mini clip playing continually on a repeat basis.

How to Upload Facebook Cover Video

  1. First Login to Your Facebook Page but visit
How to Create Attractive Facebook Cover Video for Business Page

2. Then Go to your Page

How to Create Attractive Facebook Cover Video for Business Page

3. Click on the option for changing Facebook Cover page

How to Create Attractive Facebook Cover Video for Business Page

Select the option Upload video/image and select you facebook cover video from files.

Then select Publish and your facebook cover video is changed.

Benefits of Facebook Cover Videos:

Facebook Video cover benefits a business to give all the latest information about their business at first glance of a visitor.

Product’s Introduction: Facebook Cover can be used for the introduction of products in a video.

Team Introduction: Facebook Cover Video can also be used to introduce all your team members with their achievements.

Location: Facebook cover video can be used for location tag and detail approach of how a customer can reach your business by using Location.

Describe Service: Facebook Cover video can also be used to describe all the details about your services in detail explanation.

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